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Gohar Grigoryan. Singer

Gohar GrigoryanGohar Grigoryan is a singer in Jazz-Soul style. Gohar is a many-sided personality and that is why her rest is also rather various. She visits bars, theatres and simply likes to stroll in the fresh air in the lovely parks of Yerevan. Even though she is not fan of bars she never misses a chance of having some rest there with friends or listening to music in Jazz or Bluez style over a cup of soft alcoholic drink.
She prefers salads, especially in spring, when there are many fresh vegetables and greens. She recommends the readers of enriching “reserve of vitamins”. Gohar shared the recipe of one of her favorite salads called “Salad with ham” with us.
For its preparation we need:
Ham - 300 g
Green Bulgarian pepper – 1 piece
Red Bulgarian pepper – 1 piece
Yellow Bulgarian pepper – 1 piece
Salted cucumber – 2 pieces
Canned corns – 1 can
Bulb onion – 2 pieces
Fresh greens to your taste
Sour cream, red, black pepper to your taste.
It is necessary to finely cut the ingredients, add onion fried in oil and cover with sour cream. Salt, pepper to your taste. The salad can be decorated with olives. It is a light salad with a very pleasant taste which you can regale yourself and your friends with.
Bon appétit.

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