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Mr. Gyros

Fast food chain, Fast food
To be noted
Address: 40 Toumanyan Str., 62 Teryan Str., 59/6 Komitas Ave., 21/1 Toumanyan Str., 10 Vardanants Str., 22/10 Isahakyan Str., Metronom Mall, Dalma Garden Mall, Yerevan Mall, Prospekt Mall, Yerevan
Phone: +374 10 502233, +374 10 202203
Site address:
Working hours: 10:00 - 24:00
Bill amount:
500-5000 AMD

Everything started on May 1, 2009 when Mr. Gyros Greek fast-food opened its doors in Yerevan. And since then the service quality of the fast-foods existing in Yerevan has been increasing owing to the superbly developed policy of Mr. Gyros. The target has always been use of high-quality, natural and freshest products and shortly the establishment became one of the most demanded of those who appreciate delicious and fast food. 

Here mayonnaise is made locally and the oil for French fries is changed every day. It may seem to be a myth but you will definitely change your opinion after tasting the dishes offered by the chef. Eduard Khachatryan is a chef with a 12-year experience half of which he has gained in Greece and returned to his homeland to share his knowledge and experience of Greek culture of fast-food with great pleasure. By combining fresh and useful Armenian products with Greek spices he gets matchless recipes of sauces, salads, gyroses which make you return here again and again. Of course, the locomotive of the menu is gyros. 

This is the Greek analogue of the well-known shaurma made of three types of meat- chicken, pork, beef. Meat is served with fresh vegetables and French fries either in baguette, Cyprian or Greek pita. After meat the most important component of gyros is sauce. Legendary Greek Tzatziki sauce, koul slou, cheese sauce and cocktail – everything is homemade and only natural and fresh ingredients are used owing to which the dishes get superb flavoring. 

Then sandwiches and burgers come: be it with egg or mozzarella, with chicken or beef, with salmon or prosciutto. And every time they surprise you with succulent flavor anew. Salads and soups made of the freshest ingredients offered by Mr. Gyros are also popular. In general the cuisine fully competes with the menu of majority of the city cafes though it is considered to be a fast food eatery. 

No smoking or drinking is permitted here that is why people come here mainly with families. It is an amazing place not only for fast food but also for pleasant pastime with near and dear ones. Owing to warm ambiance and comfort Mr. Gyros has opened six branches within 6 years of work and in each of them joy and kindness always dominate. In every branch there is a special corner for children where they can play, paint and have fun. It is a wonderful place for communication, rest, delicious and useful food both for adults and children. If you do not have time to follow your child’s nutrition then Mr. Gyros will help you. For that you need to obtain a special gift card of Mr. Gyros for your child. Owing to it you do not have to worry whether s/he takes proper meals, how s/he spends the money given as the amount saved on this card cannot be turned into cash. By submitting this card in any branch of Mr.Gyros your child can buy anything and enjoy high-quality healthy food. 

Every buying by this card provides 3% bonus which you can again spend in Mr.Gyros. 

Discover the new gastronomic world of Mr.Gyros!

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  • 22/01/2015

    Mikael Karapetian

    Вкусно, действительно очень вкусно. Вся еда очень свежая, можно следить за готовкой. Делают лучший Герос в Ереване - всех видов. Можно выбрать свинину, говядину и курицу. Много девушек сюда приходит..
  • 19/08/2014


    Mnom mnom mnom!!! The best fast junk food chain in Yerevan! Love you guys!
  • 07/01/2016

    Karen Hekimyan

    Вкусно,готовят на твой вкус,большой выбор мяса и соусов!
  • 21/06/2013

    Levon Ibranyan

    Try the cheese sauce with french fries!
  • 28/04/2012

    Marina Targaryan

    try fries with cheese sauce. very tasty !
  • 18/10/2011

    Jo Ann

    Yum yum yummmyyy the best fries in gyros))
  • 24/12/2014

    Hormoz Kadkhodaei

    Best doner in Yerevan :)
  • 23/09/2015

    Arev Martirosyan

    Oh that taste... Love,love,love
  • 25/01/2013

    Karen Grigoryan

    Cheese sauce really delicious.
  • 23/11/2012


    Очень вкусно !) люблю брать с собой домой )
  • 11/09/2014

    Կոմիտաս Օդաբաշյան

    Very juicy sandwiches :)
  • 20/03/2012

    Souvik Kar

    A rapidly progressing fast-food joint in Yerevan
  • 12/02/2015


    Maybe real Greek but sure not REAL fast.
  • 22/03/2013

    Avedis Keshishian

    maybe the best fast food in Armenia !
  • 03/02/2015

    Astx Hovhannisyan

    I love this place very much
  • 04/04/2012

    Mariah Khanjyan

    I am At Mr. Gyros:)
  • 18/05/2014

    Baykar Sepoyan

    WiFi pass: 010502233
  • 16/01/2013

    Gaspar C.

    Strictly nonsmoking.
  • 18/06/2015

    Kuba Korzeniewski

    Best gyros!
  • 17/08/2014


    with mom ❤️