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Ayas Kilikia Restaurant

To be noted
Continental, Armenian
Address: 78 Hanrapetutyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 10 548808
Site address:
Working hours: 11:00 - 24:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Ayas Kilikia Restaurant is a jump into the historical past of a step length. By the way, if it is said about other places sometimes just for formality then in case of Ayas Kilikia restaurant this characteristic is very natural and sincere. Usually all Armenian establishments are arranged in standard format and red and black tufa always prevails, and carpets with national paintings are hanged everywhere.

Ayas Kilikia is out of this format. You have such a feeling that you have appeared in a luxuriously equipped prince’s castle where the prince passes his leisure with his retinue. The premises in designed in light colors, the walls seem to be divided with a meridian, and there is bare stone from above and furniture from below. For an Armenian restaurant wood is unusually too much here as there is wood even on the ceiling. All this makes the premises very solid, luxurious and it should be like this as the Kingdom of Cilicia was one of the richest Armenian states. As every kingdom, that of Cilicia also has its coat of arms, more precisely, there are several of it: sword symbolizing readiness for battle, and lion- the power of the kingdom. These can be seen on the stained glass windows.

There are many references to the past in Ayas Kilikia, there are many symbols which are directly connected with the kingdom. These are the columns with heads in form of eagle, which seem to be the guard of the borders, electric torches, painted walls with images of all kinds of various topics: fragments from the life of the folks of cities, the map of the kingdom, there is even a genealogical tree and anyone can follow the history of Cilicia indicated in names.

One more interesting detail is the real tents. If you want to feel in the role of the Commander-in-chief having a rest in crusade conditions after a battle then you should head to Ayas Kilikia.

There is one more Ayas Kilikia in the restaurant: the Minor one. It is situated in basement. The second kingdom totally differs from the first one: if the first one looked like the king’s castle, then the second one is like house of a rich merchant. This feeling is even more reinforced when you see many scales as you understand that the owner of the house merchandises something.

In general the second hall can be taken for national museum; there is huge number of household appliances, each of which is a museum specimen. Jugs in which either wine or cheese is kept, clay glasses in order to drink this wine, cauldrons of different sizes, vases with flowers, containers for dried grass, trays or directly lagged walls. Minor Ayas Kilikia is equipped more traditionally, in national spirit, it is more flamboyant and richer.

Any Armenian restaurant proposes a very impressive and interesting menu: Ayas Kilikia is not an exception in this context either. Armenians love eating and it is not a secret. A huge number of meat dishes and all of them are traditional dishes from the national cuisine. You should do your best not to miss the chance of tasting verities of shashlik, fish dishes, Msho-dolma, pakhlava. The menu of Ayas Kilikia has a big potential of astonishing, and quite unexpectedly you can see steak or other non-Armenian dishes in the menu.

Ayas Kilikia restaurant invites all those loving history and antiquity: visual reflection of all those that we once read in text-books, opportunity to move to the land of our ancestry for some time.

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  • Sona Simonyan

    Sona Simonyan

    10 January 2014 в 16:03:45
    znataki armyanskoi kuxni!!!!Ochen' vkusno
  • Anna Khachatryan

    Anna Khachatryan

    02 December 2012 в 17:50:16
    Mer qaghaqum nman restoran@ lurj mrcakicner chi karogh unenal, vorovhetev Kilikyan tagavorutyan patmakan mi poqrik ktor@ ajnqnan hamahunch e hamemvac,vor nuynisk Hayastanic anteghyak otarerkracin linelov Kilikia restoranum xorapes kzga mer erkri heravor

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  • 26/11/2014

    Vasyl Golubka

    Кухня на высоком уровне, все очень вкусно. Стоит пробовать мацони, сыры Армении и стерлядь на гриле. Интерьер в стиле краезнавческого музея, много атрибутов быта на стенах. WiFi pass: 010548808
  • 28/03/2013

    Jo N

    Chicken wings with spicy sauce is good. Mushroom soup too. Bring exact change - you don't get any back
  • 08/05/2014

    Irina Kopernik

    Обслуживание медленное, еда достаточно вкусная, разливные напитки не доливают. Музыка заунывная и успевает повториться много раз подряд. Лучше выбрать соседний Кавказ. WiFi pass: 010548808
  • 03/11/2013

    Павел Прокудин

    Классная живая музыка с настоящим дудуком
  • 26/03/2011

    Harut Martirosyan

    Bad service, one of us asked to add more cheese to Greek salad, REJECTED!!!