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Cascade Chocolateria

Chocolateriе, Patisserie, Cafe, Restaurant
To be noted
Continental, Italian, French
Address: 1-17 Tamanyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 10 581758
Site address:
Working hours: 11:00 - 23:00
Bill amount:
500-5000 AMD

In Cascade Chocolateria situated a little bit lower Cascade Complex, everything is thought up exquisitely and excellently. The whole place is in brown and white tones which immediately create a chocolate mood, a wish occurs to forget about every kind of hindrance, burden, hustle and bustle in this life and plunge into pleasant and unhurried rhythm which prevails in Cascade Chocolateria. Really, in Chocolateria you feel like time is moving ahead according to the pace of the 19th century and involuntarily an idea occurs that it is not such a big crime to enjoy hot chocolate and spend hours with your secret dreams in the twenty first century.

The interior of Cascade Chocolateria looks like an expensive apartment of an English dandy, in which the descent quantity of furniture predominantly in strict–square style does not give any idea of immoderacy and artificiality. The walls are covered with pictures, on which women and men working in the plantations of cacao beans are portrayed. There is so much warmth and simplicity in them which completes your mood.

After getting adapted to the place you will immediately notice the chess board with figures, small figurines of the same women collecting cacao beans somewhere in Africa, as well as Cascade Complex of impressive sizes and everything is made of chocolate. After considering the color gamut of the place, it may seem that it is also made of chocolate but be sure that the chairs will not melt or break under you: In Cascade Chocolateria every single detail is well thought of, even the small lamps covering the ceiling also have the form of cacao beans. The whole composition is supplemented with the sculptured figure of the dark-skinned peasant doing the same work over and over.

But of course the main value of Cascade Chocolateria is chocolate imported to Armenia from Belgium. Here you can find true white and black chocolate presented in special cells like precious stones and you can find chocolate of any form and type. You can find the most sophisticated figures, even a small gallery of cartoon heroes is created here, for example, White Swan with opened wings or the Lost Shoe of Cinderella, and everything is made of Belgium chocolate.

From the menu the chocolate and fruit fondue is really worth mentioning, as well as the wide variety of ice-cream directly or indirectly connected with chocolate, also you can taste jam here. The basement of this place is oriented mainly at smoking people, also the bar desk is here.

Take your chance to get in touch with the world of the splendid and taste true Belgium chocolate in the very center of Yerevan.

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  • Knarik Kirakosyan

    Knarik Kirakosyan

    07 July 2017 в 08:29:11
    Вкуснейший горячий шоколад в сочетании с фирменным десертом "Каскад", спокойная уютная атмосфера располагает к замечательным встречам именно в этом кафе. Возвращаюсь сюда снова и снова. Спасибо!
  • Sona Simonenko

    Sona Simonenko

    13 February 2015 в 10:49:32
    CHEESECAKE- vkusnyashka!
  • Tatev Andreasyan

    Tatev Andreasyan

    10 July 2014 в 14:34:29
    Cascade Chocolateria – мой рай, так как я любитель всего сладкого и вкусного. Ну а шоколадное фондю- любимый десерт этого замечательного кафе!)))
  • Sona Simonyan

    Sona Simonyan

    23 January 2014 в 11:27:08
    Aistexic misht hamooov nvernerem gnum im engerneri hamar))
  • Anna Khachatryan

    Anna Khachatryan

    29 November 2012 в 17:35:42
    Mi teskak ansovor zgacum er.... Cascade Chocolateria-n hastatec vor kyanq@ hrashali e
  • Vardan Harutyunyan

    Vardan Harutyunyan

    25 November 2012 в 01:58:54
    sami vkusni shokolad zdes v cascade chokolateria!!)obslujivani ochen priyatno i vse gosteprimno))

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  • 11/08/2013

    Syuzi M.

    fondant au chocolat and apple pie were delicious!!!! Strongly recommend! Try also Belgian classic hot chocolate, 65%, thick and yummy!Wi fi pass still the same as mentioned below ;)
  • 01/01/2015

    София София

    Шоколадница прям около каскада, делают вручную конфеты и фигурки из шоколада. Фигурки не впечатлили, а вот взять немного конфет на развес и прогуляться по каскаду - самое то )
  • 24/07/2016

    Дмитрий Рогожин

    Не знаю как насчет еды, но чизкейк здесь божественный!
  • 05/09/2013

    Viktoria Terteryan

    Было все вкусно.спосибо
  • 04/02/2013

    Gaspar C.

    Non-smoking zone @ first floor.
  • 19/09/2015


    Покормили вкусно :) спасибо!
  • 07/03/2016

    Наташа V

    вкусный кофе и десерты
  • 14/01/2015

    Grigor Baghdasaryan

    Very good hot chocolate
  • 27/03/2013

    Armine Aghayan

    This is a world of CHOCOLATE !!!
  • 27/03/2013

    Armine Aghayan

    WiFi pass: 1111199999
  • 21/01/2012

    Arpiné Grigoryan

    Wifi pass: 9999999999
  • 10/06/2012

    Mane Safaryan

    Hrashq texa, lriv chocoladica
  • 02/08/2012

    Daniel Cherbuin

    Pass is 1111199999
  • 08/03/2013

    Lis Haydeyan

    Like cascade