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Samurai Sushi Bar

Sushi bar, Restaurant
To be noted
Address: 2 Marshal Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan
Phone: +374 10 585670, +374 99 585670
Working hours: 12:00-24:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Samurai Sushi Bar is a hotspot for admirers of Oriental cuisine. It is the first sushi-bar in Yerevan. It opened its doors in 2006 and has remained loyal to its main principle up to now: here exclusively Japanese cuisine is presented. You will find no Thai or Chinese combinations and sushi is the truest one made by traditional Japanese recipe. Fish is imported by record frequency and the selection of 70 kinds of sushi always enables to find what you really wish. You should certainly taste Unagi in hot sauce with eel, omelet and Philadelphia cheese. By the way, Geisha includes tamago traditional omelet with seaweeds and crabs.

Samurai Sushi Bar also offers a rich vegetarian menu. There are four kinds of papaver – veggie, with seaweeds, cucumber or avocado. Roasted tofu, sushi with avocado, traditional miso soup - all these offers will not leave anyone loving vegetarian food indifferent.

To pair sushi with soda or any juice is a great sin that is why the cooks of Samurai Sushi Bar will recommend you several kinds of Japanese drinks among which legendary sake and appetite  revealing choya should be indicated.  

Samurai Sushi Bar is also an ideal place for those who want to taste true Japanese sweets. The dessert menu includes three kinds of ice cream - with sesame, ginger, mate tea. By the way, ice cream is not obtained from outside but is made in house.

Hearty meal is a good thing but the Japanese meal cannot be imagined without tea. Here you can enjoy, for example, a cup of Sakura tea which contains leaves of the legendary Japanese sakura tree, the blossoming of which lasts only a few days. You can also participate in a real tea ceremony. The interior of Samurai Sushi Bar is stylized according to Japanese architecture but everything is not limited only with stylization: there is a  tea house inside the restaurant built in accordance with all the rules- even the degree of the roof pitch is executed in compliance with the tradition. The dishware for the ceremony is brought from Japan and the person who leads it left for the Land of the Rising Sun to get special training by tea masters. During the ceremony only one kind of drink is served - Matcha. 

In order to really enjoy it you should adhere to the ceremony rules: the person entering the tea house should forget any earthly things, about positions, fame, money: only spiritual and beautiful discussions are held here. This rule is probably the most essential key for understanding Japanese culture: since food for Japanese people is not a way to satisfy hunger but it is mostly philosophy. And chamber, cozy and serene ambiance of Samurai Sushi Bar restaurant will let you reveal and get to know this philosophy fully. Every customer is received as an important guest here: within its 10-year existence Samurai has become a real house to many employees and inhabitants of the city. New guests are also warmly received and invited to become a part of this big family. 

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  • Sona Simonenko

    Sona Simonenko

    13 February 2015 в 10:44:17
  • Anastasia Anastasia

    Anastasia Anastasia

    04 December 2014 в 12:16:57

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  • 23/10/2013

    Alex Sarko

    Отличное место не только для любителей суши. Кухня - высший балл, обслуживание дружелюбное.РЕКОМЕНДУЮ !
  • 08/07/2013

    Rara VS

    Все очень вкусно... И обслуживание на высоком уровне...
  • 13/10/2014

    Nora Harutyunyan

    Hot night is something you must try
  • 09/11/2014

    Меня Нету

    Самая вкусная японская кухня только туи!
  • 13/09/2014

    Lilit Nurijanyan

    #samurai #best #sushi in #yerevan
  • 23/10/2013

    Alex Sarko

    Asem vor sushin shat hamova :-)
  • 04/07/2013

    Pyotr Sargsyan

    Lav shuxorot texa:((((huysov em gone sushin hamov klini🍣
  • 21/09/2014

    Gaya G

    Tasty sushi
  • 15/03/2015

    Arianne Caoili

    Terrible food, old ingredients nothing fresh and definitely not authentic japanese. And totally overpriced!!!!
  • 18/12/2013

    Victoria Poghosyan

    Very Bad customer service !!! But tasty food