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MOZAIC Sky Restaurant

To be noted
Address: 15 Movses Khorenats Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 96 770990, +374 11 770990
Site address:
Working hours: 13:00 - 24:00
Bill amount:
10000-20000 AMD

From MOZAIC Sky Restaurant a matchless picturesque view of Yerevan opens up. View on the ancient and always young city, its suburbs from bird’s flight height are simply fascinating. At a very close distance, so close that it seems you can touch with a hand legendary Ararat mountain soars, and from the opposite side the pearl of Armenian culture towers-Republic Square. The whole city spreads out before you, and shortly the sundown will come… As it gets dark buildings, squares stretching in the streets start twinkling and sparkling with small magic lights and gradually create new, few ever see, tessellated- enchanting image of the city. 

As soon as you delve into the menu of MOZAIC Sky Restaurant you immediately forget everything for some time. One more “mosaic” opens up in front of your eyes in which continental cuisine is reflected. In this menu styles, traditions and recipes starting from classic Western Europe up to traditions of Armenia and exotics of East are mixed. The offered hors d'oeuvre is the proof of imagination and creative approach. Here you will find lamb Confit consisting of finely chopped lamb stewed in butter. It is served on brown round toasts with jelly made of strained matzoun and fresh greens. The choice of gourmets is roasted marrow served with toasts and lime in combination with garlic spice. Rolls and piquant praline, signature lightest herbal chips are delicacies the secrets of which are not revealed. 

In the section of salads a new intrigue is hidden. Duck breast with marinated pear and dried fruits in cream-cheese sauce catches attention. Fried chicken liver in pomegranate sauce and caramelized apples competes with it. Vegetable wok-salad with fish in Asiatic style also intrigues. Even classic salads “Nicoise”, “Caprese” and “Greek” are served in the style peculiar only to this restaurant which you will find nowhere else.

As far as the main courses are concerned then a wide choice of culinary delicacies is offered and only their names already cause admiration: duck breast with mashed peas “wasabi” and cherry sauce, mutton shank slowly stewed in wine, fillet of red-eye with rare “Camargue red cheese, steak with “Porto” sauce, mutton blade in cream sauce with flavored rosemary and many other offers. 

MOZAIC Sky Restaurant embodies solidity and democratic character. It is simply an ideal place for astonishing your foreign guests. It is a right choice for business meetings thanks to its serenity. And the lights of night Yerevan and open fresh air impart splendid romantic ambiance. By the way, in the summertime, there is also a cocktail-bar open on the 18th floor. 

Take a new look at Yerevan through the windows of MOZAIC Sky Restaurant!
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  • 14/05/2015


    If you're planning a romantic evening for two, we highly recommend reserving a table on the terrace to enjoy the spectacular view of the capital city of Yerevan.
  • 17/08/2016

    Марина Еремян

    Место очень красивое,весь Ереван на ладонях,и обслуживание не плохое
  • 13/07/2015

    Sargis Sargsyan

    Nice and fancey place. Nice view and food service.
  • 02/05/2015

    Edith Kh

    Hyper pricey!