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Pizzeria, Restaurant
To be noted
European, Armenian, Italian
Address: 1 Italy Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 10 591196
Working hours: 11:00 - 23:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Raffaello restaurant is cozily located in the veranda of Best Western Congress hotel which is a few steps away from Republic Square. 

The restaurant offers traditional Italian, European and Armenian cuisines. Special sausages, traditional pasta, famous Italian cream soups and Italian chesses are served here. All the ingredients are very fresh and are mainly imported from Italy. Carpaccio, bruschetta, risotto and focaccia with garlic are very delicious here. The author of such delicious and appetizing dishes is Italian chef GianLuca Ruini. 

The pizza section in the menu of Raffaello is a separate story. Authentic Italian pizza made on wood is served here. 29 kinds of pizza are offered to the pizzeria visitors the dough of which the local cooks have learnt to make under the guidance of the Italian master. 

The restaurateurs have created white pizza “Aragats” with national Armenian yogurt –matsun and various greens, as well as white pizza “Zarina” with mozzarella, salmon and marrows especially for Armenian gourmands. In Raffaello you can find even pizza “Tiramisu” with soft Italian cream cheese and grated nuts. 

Besides that you can always order famous Italian ice-cream, as well as vanilla-apple ice-cream pie and puddings. Raffaello restaurant is an ideal place for private dinners and business meetings. In the summertime the veranda sinks in abundance of flowers. 

The glassed part of the restaurant faces the veranda with a view over the so-called Caribbean pool, around which you can also enjoy delicacies of Italian cuisine.

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  • Zara Aslanyan

    Zara Aslanyan

    07 September 2012 в 03:53:43
    Очень вкусная еда,и особенно десерты,обслуживание на высоком уровне,а обстановка простая но очень гармоничная и уютная.
  • Zara Aslanyan

    Zara Aslanyan

    07 September 2012 в 03:53:43
    Очень вкусная еда,и особенно десерты,обслуживание на высоком уровне,а обстановка простая но очень гармоничная и уютная.
  • 02 October 2011 в 12:00:00
    Наслышана много положительного!!! Решила посетить сразу же после прилета в Армению,но возникла проблемка! Не вижу,как можно забронировать столик online! расстроилась! но буду на позитиве и позвоню,забронирую,как прилечу! надеюсь места будут!:)
  • Tigran


    11 May 2011 в 18:11:58
    очень нравится это место)))
  • Stepan


    09 May 2011 в 02:00:00
    Очень приличное заведение с абсолютно приемлемыми ценами и, что самое главное, с прекрасной кухней!!! Рекомендуем всем зайти, не разочаруетесь!
  • Karen


    04 May 2011 в 15:37:03
    Замечательное место, ходим постоянно! Приятная атмосфера, просторно. Всем советую!!!

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