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Noyan Restaurant

To be noted
Address: 9/15 Parpetsi Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 91 535030, +374 10 535030
Site address: http://NOYANRESTAURANT.AM
Working hours: 10:30 - 23:30
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Once this small restaurant Armenian cuisine was one of the favorite places for residents and visitors. Who has ever visited the restaurant Noyan Restaurant, nostalgically remembers the local cuisine, especially hearty khash, or a live performance of folk, pop all your favorite songs, accompanied the evening in the restaurant. Some visitors came specifically just listen to a concert. And so the years passed, tastes changed, Noyan Restaurant restaurant opened again with the same philosophy, but on a large scale, which today we would certainly be pleased as yesterday and the new visitors .

The entire interior as well as each item individually, deserves special attention. First, the enlarged space in the main hall, thereby the number of tables is added. In addition, next to the restaurant, outside cafe is opened with the modern concept in the format of lounge with large, comfortable , leather sofas, where you can spend some quiet time to relax from everyday hassle. Secondly , there is a bar with a cocktail menu. A variety of flavors and alcoholic combinations, the most colorful color and dry just favorite drinks can be found in the bar of the restaurant map Noyan Restaurant. And if you're a fan of house wines and vodka from the heart of Karabakh, you are here for a real treat.

And finally, the main advantage of the restaurant is the kitchen. Retaining all the traditions of the restaurant , the new chef took a step forward developing and updating a delicious menu. Salads, hot and cold appetizers, soups, hot core of the meat and seafood, everything that you want is at your service. Here everything is cooked by the own recipe of chef - cook and has incomparable homemade taste.

The restaurant cooks bake own famous gata. And to the lovers of oriental sweets, restaurant offers the most authentic baked at home recipe baklava.

One can endlessly enumerate dignities of the restaurant Noyan Restaurant, but still the old Armenian songs, sounding almost always here, make it unique and special. The inimitable voice of Gohar Mouradian every evening after six, fills the restaurant with the good old songs of Armenian legendary performers. Songs under which our grandfathers and grandmothers danced and fall in love.

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  • Anastasia Anastasia

    Anastasia Anastasia

    04 December 2014 в 12:30:47
    Shat hamove dzer khohanoce.Gnere normal.Khorurdem talis ete uzumeq qef aneq :)

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