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Montmartre Restaurant-Cocktail-Bar

Bar, Cafe, Restaurant
To be noted
Continental, Italian, French
Address: 4/6 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 60 600060
Site address:
Working hours: 07:00 - 23:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

It is simply breathtaking when with opening of every new establishment restaurateurs do their best to offer something unpredictable, superb and matchless. It witnesses about effective competition in the market. And no matter how happy we are about that there is a more significant factor which manifests how much our gourmets or ordinary visitors of public places need, are interested and have completely a demanding approach to the concept of restaurants. 

Their morals and whims dictate velocity and quality and only owing to these factors it is possible to stay afloat. And it is really worthy of admiration. It seems that molecular cuisine in Yerevan is not far off any more. And currently not only fulfillment but true performance by the chef can be enjoyed every day in Montmartre restaurant. 

No better name could be given to a restaurant located on the roof of Paris Hotel Yerevan, as first of all Montmartre is a hill and is the highest point of Paris. And secondly it is a new level, one more overcome peak for service quality increase offered by the new restaurant of Yerevan. 

Performance in Montmartre starts in the morning when from the kitchen with transparent glasses life-omelet and life-pancake with individual choice of preparation are offered to restaurant visitors. Montmartre has applied all its efforts to persuade you to take the hotel lift, push the button of the 12th floor and wait for a few seconds in order to enjoy the state of a true guest of this wonderful restaurant. Barely the lift doors open and you are already met and escorted to the white hall. 

Everything is strict, stylish and accurate. In front of your eyes is the main object of the performance-the kitchen, where miracles happen. Thanks to the masters ordinary ingredients turn into something more than a work of art. The creation process is accompanied by a special approach to exclusively all details and as a result you are offered something you will meet nowhere: tiramisu with rum and caramel, salad with pear and Roquefort cheese, and even classic pasta or steak. 

The individual serving of Italian and French dishes is interchanged with new, fresh gustatory sensations. Commanding a unique aspiration to amaze Montmartre periodically updates the list of the offered dishes and wines and does not allow to get used to commonness. By the way it is impossible to get bored in this restaurant even if you visit it for a thousand times. The summer terrace with wonderful view over the capital and legendary Ararat are worthy of mention. 

The bar placed on the terrace offers a big list of unique refreshing cocktails in the form of lemonades and smoothies made exclusively of fresh and natural products. Enjoyment of these cocktails in the fresh air where freedom and serenity reign allows to pry oneself away from everyday chores, have feelings which cannot be described in words and which in their turn transform into wonderful and unforgettable memories.

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