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Martini Royale Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant
To be noted
Address: 16 Abovyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 60 540101
Site address:
Working hours: 09:00 - 01:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

On-site of once so popular cafe " Kopeyka" decades later opened a restaurant Martini Royale Cafe. Designers have kept the gray walls of the hotel "Yerevan" and added modern interior elements allowing harmoniously intertwine the past and present. Modern design in the restaurant is so saturated that the whole territory can be visually divided into parts, each of which is perceived by the general atmosphere in new colors. 

Sitting at the front of porch in the heat, under chords lounge music, you can enjoy the square named after Charles Aznavour, colorful fountain with zodiac signs or just the flow of people in a hurry passing by. In summer, veranda is fully opens its wide embrace, enjoying the fresh air, live music and amazing views of the area and a colorful fountain.

Separately requires a description of the second floor of the restaurant Martini Royale Cafe. This small room has absorbed all the beauty of light and heat of communication. Sitting on a very soft padded stools and sofas, enjoying atmosphere and cocktail where you want to stretch the time and stay here longer. By the way, as for cocktails there are more than 150. You can try not only classical, but also barman made cocktails, which occupy more than 30% of the cocktail menu. 

Range of ingredients is quite wide: about de Vie, port, bourbon, Armenian brandy, different bitters, Hendricks, brandy, and of course, the famous vermouth Martini. You can enjoy a variety of flavors and combinations of scales drinks based on authentic tinctures of vegetables, chocolate, vanilla, flowers roses or a variety of fruit mixes. Particularly noteworthy is a smart red bar with transparent chairs, where you can personally admire the skill of the bartenders - professionals, boldly experimenting and performing every whim visitor. Separately from alcohol is a coffee bar at the head masters of coffee mixes. 

Next to it the tempting dessert showcase refrigerator is placed. Just glancing at sweets is breathtaking, as here presented the magnificent pastries from Italian chef. Thanks to his professionalism one can taste the richness of Italian cuisine: ravioli with shrimp, lasagna, T-bone steak, veal osso-buco, Italian beef with arugula. Value the taste of only marinated pineapple with fresh greens! Map of Martini Royale Cafe Cuisine is not as wide as in many restaurants are accustomed to, but only collected the most of excellent and exotic dishes.

Wine Room is located in the basement. If desired, you certainly will be accompanied, introduced and helped with the selection. In this room, one of the most extensive collections of wines of our city is assembled, starting with the infamous Tuscan Sassicaia, Banfi, and finally Chateau Margaux.

Everything in the restaurant - the interior, atmosphere, kitchen and bar, thought out to the last detail and are designed to bring your evening special and unique, making it memorable.

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  • Sona Simonenko

    Sona Simonenko

    13 February 2015 в 10:47:11
    Vsegda mnogo narodu!I vse sovetuyut!Xoroshee mesto!
  • Anastasia Anastasia

    Anastasia Anastasia

    04 December 2014 в 12:30:20
    ayooo, amena lav texne Yerevanum!!!Shat haitni
  • Hrant


    12 June 2014 в 23:30:58
    Замечательное заведение! 1. Интерьер - легкость, индивидуальность и продуманность 2. Барное меню - то, что не найдешь в другом месте: Tao, Summer time, Capujiro 3. Кухня - хотите кусочек Италии? Пожалуйста. Паста приготовленная лично шеф-поваром. Приятно
  • Karina Hovhannisyan

    Karina Hovhannisyan

    13 February 2014 в 16:33:12
    Мне очень понравился Ваш интерьер, приятный ресторан.

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  • 03/06/2015

    Liana Hovsepyan

  • 05/11/2014

    Satenik Adamyan

  • 10/01/2014

    Gor Elchyan

    Light and friendly atmosphere and design is very beautiful. Coffee is very tasty(it's Lavazza), but cake portions are very little. Prices are identical to other same class cafes.
  • 15/01/2014

    Missy May

    Хотите провести место в спокойной обстановке,приятным обслуживанием и интересным меню .. Вот это место ;)))
  • 22/10/2014


    Greatest "Napoleon" cake ever!!!!! Fast service. Thanks!!!!
  • 18/02/2014

    Hayk Mamikonyan

    Great place to have a special cocktails and listen to great music
  • 22/03/2014

    Levon Kesaplyan

    service is perfect! prices are good. good music.
  • 14/06/2014

    Olly Khalatyan

    I love their service and cocktails are perfect.
  • 08/09/2014

    Yuliya Meikler

    Приятная атмосфера,адекватные цены, вкусная пицца и не только.
  • 08/10/2014

    Hamed Massoudi

    Excellent in every way
  • 08/02/2014

    Layert Babajanyan

    Shat lav spasarkum en...normal gner...hacheli erajtutyun...uxaki neskafe chunen...amerikanoya neskafei hamov :)
  • 09/06/2015

    Mary Sukiasyan

    Good place for drinks and evening outs with friends!
  • 13/01/2014

    Nona Nazaryan normal ...matucum@ lav...parzapes pircianer@ poqr ein
  • 13/05/2016

    Ange Demon

    Nice place for a romantic evening
  • 19/08/2014

    Seda Bikasyan

    Сырники капучино и лучший вид на утренний Ереван
  • 11/04/2014

    Missy May

    Чувствую себя,как дома ^_^
  • 07/01/2014

    Gevorg Ghukasyan

    Wifi pass: martini111
  • 27/06/2014


    один из лучших ,,,🍸🍷
  • 08/02/2014

    Layert Babajanyan

    Kapuchinon shat lavn a..
  • 02/03/2014

    Mir Poghosyan

    Wi Fi pass Martini123...իրար հետ խոսեք, ոչ թե ինտերնետ փորփրեք