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Ginetun Restaurant

To be noted
Continental, Armenian
Address: Acharyan Str., Arinj, reg. Kotayk
Phone: +374 10 610850, +374 41 610850
Working hours: 24 hour
Bill amount:
500-5000 AMD

The interior of Ginetun Restaurant does not look like ordinary establishments at all. Of course here you will find all attributes of a restaurant: red furniture, elegant dinnerware, table-cloths embroidered in traditional style. But it is not everything. On the first floor picturesque winter garden is spread with small artificial lakes, dozens of original plants and a real waterfall. In this corner of paradise you can perfectly relax and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. The winter garden is open in any season- both in the heat of the summertime and the frost of the winter. 

When you ascend downstairs you appear in an ancient cave full of secrets and mysteries: stone walls with the engraved map of Armenia, graceful sculptures, banister in form of interweaving branches of grape vines. Everything intrigues and fascinates, makes you strive to puzzle out the mystery of this place. And for doing it only one thing is needed- to have delicious food. The cooks of Ginetun Restaurant offer a whole range of very delicious dishes – turkey shashlik, porridge made of dunghill hen, khinkali and of course, a rich selection of wines. 

You can visit Ginetun Restaurant both with several friends, and with a big group: there are separate rooms and a banquette hall. By the way, you can order live music and it is no problem at all to sit deep into the night – the restaurant works twenty four hours.

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