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Dragon Garden

Lounge Bar, Restaurant
To be noted
Chinese, Seafood, Japanese
Address: 31 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan
Phone: +374 60 757588
Working hours: 11:00 - 24:00

Recently opened Dragon Garden family restaurant presents Chinese and Japanese cuisines, however, do not think that you are completely familiar with them and it cannot be new for you. We are sure that not many people know what Hot-Pot is. It is an unprecedented facility in Armenia which enables you to prepare a bunch of dishes with your own hands to your liking and enjoy them with your family or friends.

In order to learn what Hot-Pot is let us turn to the early sources and find out its origin. Within the period of 13-14 centuries during Mongol-Chinese war when the Chinese people appeared in siege the only means of survival was iron helmets in which they cooked everything they could find. And now, luckily, it is only an interesting way of cooking which is pleasant and useful.

In all the halls of the restaurant on every table there are containers in which meat assortment, seafood, vegetables and many other ingredients are presented. You can add them in the broth, which you can cook by yourself. Collect your nutritive bouquet and do not worry about waiting long since it is quickly cooked. It takes only two minutes and Hot-Pot is ready, since the meat is finely sliced. By the way, Hot-Pot is famous in the world. In China it is called Shabu-Shabu, in Russia- Hot Boiler, in Dubai- Hot-Pot. 

The interior of Chinese and Japanese halls of Dragon Garden family restaurant enables to relax in pleasant atmosphere and enjoy nutrient rich and digestible dishes. In the halls everything matches the history, customs and spiritual culture of these countries, starting from pictures on the walls up to caqueteuses. 

The bar offers assortment of drinks, sweet rolls, Chinese teas and famous sake. In Dragon Garden children will not get bored either since there is a special children’s area where they can color gypsum figures and get an incentive prize – small gifts for the best work. 

In Dragon Garden all the Chinese and Japanese holidays are celebrated, and during these celebrations special surprises in form of Chinese symbolic gifts are provided. There are special packages foreseen for 4-6 people. 

Organize your leisure in the lounge-bar, hold meetings with friends in the events hall or enjoy warm family ambiance in the halls foreseen for non-smokers.

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