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Coffeeshop Company Yerevan

To be noted
Austrian, European, Snack menu
Address: 4/5 Amiryan Str., 2 Hin Yerevantsi Str., Yerevan
Phone: + 374 11 263333, + 374 99 263333, +374 11 273333
Working hours: 08:30 - 02:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Сoffeeshop Company Yerevan is not only one of the best cafes of the capital but is the evident leader with regard to the criteria of uniqueness among similar establishments in Yerevan. 

And the most essential criterion is the history of Сoffeeshop Company. It was founded in 1999 in Vienna and within 16 years this company became one of the best and the most popular cafes all over the world. Owing to its characteristic and principles Viennese café in Yerevan has introduced a new word in the lexicon of Armenian coffee nerds. Here both the technical part, and the service and the serving manner –everything is based on the policy of Сoffeeshop Company. 

Periodically a professional barista comes to Yerevan from Vienna in order to train and teach new recipes to his Armenian colleagues, and for this reason we can state with confidence that you will be served such coffee nowhere else. The same principles concern tea as well which is a separate line of the company titled as Art of Tea. Those who want to amaze their guests at home can buy roasted coffee beans and tea leaves in packages. 

But let us pass behind the bar counter and get acquainted with the breathtaking choice of refreshing cocktails and coffee mixes. Coffee is offered in any form with any flavor. Even if you have not found your preferred recipe in the menu you can order any unique recipe you want to. Every kind of offer is welcome here. It concerns also cocktails and lemonades. Any kind of drink is worthy of special attention. It is art and the staff commands it perfectly. 

Despite the fact that this is considered to be a professional café the cuisine offered is also rather rich and various. European cuisine prevails here and sandwiches, burgers, seafood dishes, salads and especially snack-bars are offered. The menu offers also nourishing breakfast and you can enjoy it every day starting from 8:30. In Coffeeshop Company dessert is also paid vital attention to and among this wide choice it is difficult to resist and not to taste authentic Austrian strudel offered by authentic Austrian company.

Coffeeshop Company has been enjoying worldwide recognition for many years and the permanent motion of its production is quite a significant fact in that respect owing to which it is updated, always remains young, trendy and of high quality.

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  • 03/09/2015

    Jas Babakhanyan

    :-) :-) :-)
  • 31/08/2015

    Taron Badalyan

    delicious #pancakes, tasty chicken wrap, awesome #dessert,nice atmosphere, good #music, the best #coffee in the city
  • 14/08/2014

    Adrineh Macaan

    Coffee was delicious and came with glass of water and chocolate-covered coffee bean (big plus!). Bagel was mushy and disappointing (and little to no vegetarian options!). Would come for coffee only :)
  • 24/05/2014

    Anush Markosyan

    Staff is very helpful and nice! Smoozie (frozen fresh fruits) is great! Variety of tea and coffee! Definitely worth to come and spend quality time here!
  • 02/09/2015

    Vruyr Martirosyan

    Great place !!! Great staff !!! Cozy place right in the city centre :) #coffee #latte #espresso #cheesecake .
  • 02/09/2015

    Mariam Dabaghyan

    Самый лучший кофе во всем городе! )) отличный персонал и конечно же очень вкусная еда!🍰☕🍧🍹🍲
  • 21/10/2014

    David Sand

    Pretty good choice of cookies. Fancy place with good service and reasonable prices.
  • 14/09/2014

    Anahit Musheghyan

    prices are high, but taking into account their big variety of killer desserts and amaaaazing tea set- it worths it!
  • 15/01/2015


    Another cozy corner for coffee lovers! Great atmosphere and awesome coffee!
  • 04/09/2015

    Տաթև Աղաբեկյան

    Try pasta bolognese, chicken wrap. A great variety of French wines.
  • 09/04/2016

    Jamie Maertens

    It's a little pricey for Armenia (similar to US prices) food, service and atmosphere (with exception of smoking) are all better than they would be in US.
  • 29/04/2015

    Aline Chirinian

    Delicious Chai Latte! One if the best I've ever had. The staff is also very friendly :)
  • 12/10/2015

    Kaveh Akbari

    I tried Oreo shake... I liked it, although it was more because of Oreo rather than the way they prepared it;))
  • 08/10/2014

    Dr. Ali Al Hosani

    The best place in Yerevan to have coffee
  • 22/10/2015

    Alisa A

    Very tasty Homemade Lemonades, Sandwiches with Chorizo and everything in between!!!
  • 03/09/2015

    Jiro Alek

    The service and music are perfect,,,milkshakes and sandwiches are tasty :) #bestcoffeeshop
  • 25/06/2014

    Anna Avetisyan

    Espresso macchiato is a must have! Lots of yummy desserts to choose from!
  • 09/05/2016

    Adrineh Macaan

    A bicycle-shaped bike rack in front of the café can accommodate one or two bikes.
  • 18/10/2014

    Мелина Андриасян

    Очень вкусный фруктовый холодный чай!)) И подача на высшем уровне! 👍
  • 28/10/2015

    Arsho Muradyan

    This is the best place to drink awesome coffee and taste yummy sweets 👌🏻🍩🍪☕️🍵
  • 13/08/2014

    Greta Grigoryan

    The best offer of coffee, tea, milkshakes, smoothies, dessert and sandwiches
  • 31/08/2015

    Knarik Sayadyan

    The best place in Ere1, where u can enjoy your free time. Everything is very tasty and fresh)))
  • 23/09/2015

    Կոմիտաս Օդաբաշյան

    Very unique way of drinking hot/ice tea, love to hang around here
  • 21/12/2014

    Sergey S. Harutyunyan

    Кофе отличный, как и всё остальное :) Да и интернет ! Одним словом Молодцы !
  • 03/09/2015

    Arman Gevorgyan

    Best coffee, yummy lunch and nice atmosphere!
  • 28/01/2015

    Taron Badalyan

    One of my favorite places in Yerevan!
  • 30/08/2014

    Hayk Messia

    Попробуйте компот. Отличный сервис, любитель кофе ? тогда Вам сюда 🙌☕️☺️
  • 04/08/2015


    Great dessert, try esquimo cake. Recreshing lemonades
  • 21/11/2015

    Filip Ashikyan

    Angry! With highest prices you get in addition- no nursing room, big common hall smoking and non smoking at the same time but you are not allowed to smoke e-cigaret on non smoking table! Bad (!!!!
  • 26/08/2015

    Ara Araratyan

    one of the best coffee spots in the town..
  • 13/08/2014

    Ruzanna Grigorian

    Большой ассортимент кофе и чая )
  • 02/07/2016

    Hayk Hambartsumyan

    Все как всегда и везде) +очень любезный персонал
  • 13/03/2016

    Dasha Timoshenko

    Большие порции. Вкусно и просто.
  • 24/08/2014

    Christina Petrosyan

    Nice place) big choice of coffee & tea.
  • 08/06/2014

    Олег Воронин

    Очень приятный персонал,просто удивили своим гостеприимством.Привет из Москвы.
  • 11/08/2015


    Ice chai latte is awesome!
  • 23/09/2015

    Pedram Movahed

    Austrian café, fresh and delicious cookies
  • 15/09/2016

    Damun Azadan

    Espresso it's good but if you can serve especiality coffee is better
  • 17/11/2014

    Levon Sahakyan

    Nice sparkling lemonade made here!
  • 23/06/2014

    Lily Aghababyan

    Oreo shake is yummy :)) nice place.
  • 22/06/2014

    Joseph Bekarian

    Best cafe I've been since I came to Armenia
  • 14/06/2015


    Love the variety of delicious teas.
  • 19/08/2015

    David Alexanyan

    Отличный сервис, и вкусный кофе
  • 03/09/2015

    Jiro Alek

    #bestfettasandwich in city !!!!
  • 07/02/2016

    Daniel Shushanyan

    Nice and cozy places !!!
  • 23/05/2014


    the prices for coffee are high compared to other places
  • 03/09/2015

    Hagop Vano Iknadossian

    #Allcoffees #teas. #desserts
  • 28/09/2014

    Laura Gevorgyan

    Best americano in town !
  • 26/10/2014

    Mariam Sargsyan

    Service is bad, coffee is not the best one, and taking into account all this prices are really high!
  • 27/12/2014

    Armenak Hovhannisyan

    Nice plac for meetings.
  • 31/08/2015

    Arm Grigoryan

  • 28/01/2015

    Taron Badalyan

    Cool place))
  • 29/11/2015

    Styop Tsarukyan

    Lava muffin is perfect !!!
  • 03/09/2015

    Jiro Alek

    #bestfettasandwich in city
  • 20/05/2014

    Mikko Yeghyan

    Iced cappuccino is pretty good
  • 21/08/2015

    Styop Tsarukyan

    Chai latte is the best here!!!
  • 13/02/2015


    Самые вкусные тортики здесь !!! 👍
  • 14/08/2014

    Adrineh Macaan

    Don't sit in the back! The construction noise is deafening :(
  • 22/07/2014

    Sona Tsarukyan

    15 rope spaseluc heto verjapes spasarkox@ motecav. patveri kesic toxec gnac......
  • 20/09/2014

    Dr. Ali Al Hosani

    Coffee time
  • 28/02/2015

    Armen Ghazarian

    Tasty cappuccino
  • 29/09/2014

    Aram Janazian

    Interesting place. Nice coffee
  • 18/09/2014

    Erik Avetisyan

    Muflin Cake is best
  • 13/09/2014

    Mary Sukiasyan

    Feels like being in an airport terminal..
  • 29/10/2014

    Anton Gridz

    Вкусный кофе.
  • 22/04/2015

    Армине Минасян

    WiFi pass: 011coffee
  • 28/05/2014

    Valentina Sargsyan

    Wifi: 011coffee
  • 14/09/2014

    Lax Chudnoi

    What are you thinking with your not normal high prices? It's just a simple Vien coffeeshop. Menus looks so horrible... No taste, no interior. The only good thing is the name of cafe.
  • 23/05/2014


    the service is veery slow
  • 03/08/2015

    NaNa Mardoyan

    Chicken Wrap
  • 06/12/2015

    Nelly Mkrtchyan

  • 03/09/2015

    Jas Babakhanyan

    #bestrapberrylemonlemonades #Kinderlatteicecreamsalad
  • 03/09/2015

    Christina Smbatyan

  • 27/11/2015

    Vahagn Petrosyan

    Unreasonably expensive.
  • 21/06/2014

    Artashes Aghajanyan

    Wifi 011coffee
  • 08/01/2017

    Grigory Arakelyan

    Как на Арбате
  • 03/09/2015

    Baksho Black

    Oreo shake 😍😍😍😍😍
  • 30/08/2016

    Tigran Shahinyan

    Shitty service.