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Armat Lounge Restaurant

To be noted
European, Armenian
Address: 50/2 Koghbaci str. Yerevan
Phone: +374 91 501919
Working hours: 10:00 - 24:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

 Armen Kyurkchyan's book titled "Armenian stamp ornamented canvas " was the source of the inspiration. It would be unacceptable to leave such beauty only on the pages of the book and the founders of Armat Lounge Restaurant did realize it. The main objective was to show that anything Armenian could also be fashionable and as a result the interior conveys not only the essence of the national culture, but also here natural materials and elements are used. 

 The chef of Armat Lounge has developed a series of signature dishes where the concepts of European and Armenian cuisines are harmoniously combined. For example, you can taste chips made of lavash with spices and sauce. It is a must to taste meat products and the unique dish including chicken basturma, the chicken roll made in a special way and the delicious beef steak. Lamb dolma deserves special attention: adhering to the classic Armenian recipe meat for stuffing is chopped but not minced. 

 In Armat Lounge healthy lifestyle is highly appreciated that is why no chemical additives are used here. You will not find any dulcified soda in the menu, instead several kinds of refreshing home-made lemonade are served. Even the ice cream is made by the cooks of Armat. Several kinds of this dessert are offered in the menu – chocolate, vanilla, with marmalade, nuts, fruits, peanuts. Their taste is completely unique , tender, without any sugariness. Ice-cream “Armat”, by the way, should be tasted in a special way- with a fork and a knife. 

 However, the “dessert” section of the menu is not limited with this: here you will find both famous fancy cakes, and classic Italian tiramisu, and pancakes with various fillings. It is worth noting that the cuisine of Armat is a heaven not only for fans of meats, but also for vegetarians. A big selection of vegetarian dishes include several kinds of pasta. Here both Carbonara is cooked by the original Italian recipe- with a raw egg, and Armenian arishta is cooked in spinach sauce. 

Within the period of 12:00 -16:00 lunch-menu is offered in Armat consisting of four dishes – a salad, a soup, a hot dish and a garnish. Each of these four components is offered in two-three options for you to choose and for this very reason you will always find what you really want to taste.

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