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Anoush Restaurant

To be noted
Address: 7/1 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 11 990000
Working hours: 07:00 - 23:30
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Anoush restaurant located in one of the most luxurious hotels of our city – Republica, is presented not as another beautiful concept but as a whole gallery. It does not mean only huge jars made by order of the restaurant with ancient Armenian ornaments or fragments of the paintings by famous Armenian painters but history of ancient Armenian and western Armenian culinary. 

Superb, epic presentation of dishes combines both richness and taste, and delicate approach to something more than simply food. During the very first visit anyone will get sure that the dishes offered here are not only simple collection of recipes but true works of art of the chef. 

In salads you will find unique recipes unknown till now in one of which chicken fillet combined with fresh spinach is mixed in strained matzoun with garlic and spices. The salad is named “Khetum”. Also rice dolma outstands with its uniqueness among cold dishes which consists of pine nuts, raisin, onion, rice, mint and is wrapped in grape leaves with olive oil. 

In the section of hot dishes you are offered true dumplings in three interpretations- classic, Armenian-called “Dumplings of Sasun” the content of which differs and outstands owing to peas, as well as squash dumplings with nuts. Apricot lamb should be paid special attention to. In this popular dish lamb with red basilica and dried apricot with apricot lavash are ideally combined. 

The choice of the sweets, as well as that of the dishes for the main course in Anoush restaurant makes you face rather a difficult choice as it is quite difficult to make up your mind. Firstly, you are offered delicate pakhlava which leaves a memorable impression owing to its exclusive lightness. Secondly, “Kilikia”- green pistachio in light combination with honey and cream, and it is a superbly delicious and light dessert with splendid serving. 

And for your dinner to be complete you should choose respective wine the sorts of which are more than a hundred here. In the collection the best representatives of the Old and the New Worlds, as well as a wonderful Armenian collection are presented which can easily amaze guests of our capital. By the way, every Friday evening an interesting degustation of wines accompanied with introduction of the origin history presented by a professional sommelier is held in Anoush Restaurant. 

In this small corner of Yerevan serenity and benignity reign starting from early morning till midnight. Every detail is treated with great responsibility here and it enables to make every moment unique and to provide every customer with a feeling of comfort and contentment. 

Be it an appetizing breakfast (breakfast table) in wonderful artist built authentic style, or dinner with right choice of the soup du jour for business-lunch or a business, romantic, friendly and/or family dinner – everything is held at the highest level towards which people of Yerevan and guests of the capital long so much.

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