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Ai Leoni

To be noted
Address: 40 Tumanyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: +374 10 538331, +374 10 530892
Site address:
Working hours: 10:00 - 24:00
Bill amount:
10000-20000 AMD

Ai Leoni is your window to the fascinating world of Italian cuisine: ravioli, various sauces, dishes of sea food, invariable pasta and, of course dessert. Tiramisu is superb here.

The chief cook of Ai Leoni is Bruno, who, by the way, manages to conjure not only in the kitchen but also to communicate with the restaurant visitors, he makes mascarpone, without which it is impossible to bake most of the cakes of the restaurant. And there is no dessert without the coffee so much loved by us-Armenians. And coffee in Ai Leoni is also a piece of art. Espresso Vescovi is served only here. However Ai Leoni does not mean simply dessert.

The restaurant has a very interesting, diverse, unconventional menu. Everything is made of fresh food products, which are specifically brought from Italy. The dish of seafood enjoys wide popularity here: ravioli with shrimps and sauce from mascarpone, black ravioli, which are made of squid fish. No Italian will sit around the table without wine. The Ai Leoni waiters offer wine not only to any taste and help to make the right choice from the wine card, but also implant the selection culture of that refined drink.

For these 10 years of existence the restaurant has managed to keep its fame – constant quality independent of weather conditions, price increase and global financial crisis. Superb cuisine, attentive service, dainty interior and relaxing atmosphere. Ai Leoni is a restaurant which has preserved its concept and style and adheres to its traditions.

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  • Nina Ohanyan

    Nina Ohanyan

    16 May 2016 в 17:04:17
    One of the best places in Yerevan! On of my favourite places))
  • Joro


    13 April 2012 в 00:30:58
    Vse na visshem urovne!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • liLO


      22 May 2012 в 16:54:30
  • Narine


    18 November 2011 в 16:05:14
    Ai Leoni... shaaaat hamex e:))
  • Маша


    10 November 2011 в 14:56:19
    Мне очень нравится этот ресторан.Атмосфера прекрасная.Всё сделано со вкусом! Особенно запомнились замечательные десерты ресторана!
  • Samo


    01 November 2011 в 12:00:00
    Shat em sirum italakan xohanoc@, bayc erb naeum em gnerin mi tesak et sers heta paxnum.
    • Sashka


      22 May 2012 в 16:55:10
  • Meri


    14 October 2011 в 12:00:00
    shat em sirum es vayr@ vortev vortev shaaat hamex italakan utestner en matucum

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  • 13/07/2015

    fabian roosens

    This Italian restaurant offers great food and good service. Everything from the antipasti and bread basket to the pasta dishes and desserts were good. Try the local Karas wine. Highly recommended.
  • 14/05/2015


    This was,is and will be one of the most favorite restaurants in Yerevan! Food,atmosphere, very customer friendly staff and individual approach of course!!! Love all!!!
  • 11/09/2015

    Sepehr Rasouli

    Delicious deserts, vintage Italian music sets you in the mood, Delicious pizzas and pastas, complimentary bread and cheese, one of the best Italians in Yerevan
  • 03/09/2014

    Thomas Vardanyan

    Very "Italian" atmosphere. The music, the interior decoration and the good food make up for the considerably high prices.
  • 05/12/2013

    Shushanna Sayadyan

    The best restaurant in the city!!!everything is very tasty,waiters are polite!advice to try dessert called St.Valentine....mmmmm)))
  • 06/07/2013

    Bella Barseghyan

    Best caprese and risotto in Yerevan. Carpaccio is much better in Ankyun or Charles. Service is always good.
  • 11/09/2014

    Կոմիտաս Օդաբաշյան

    The service is top of the line, and the food is amazing, I feel like I'm in Italy if I dont look outside
  • 12/08/2013

    Mary Sukiasyan

    Love it that they keep adding new amazing appetizers and dishes to their already great menu...
  • 02/02/2014

    Tamara Sargsyan

    The service is one of the best, food was delicious...and their Tiramisu was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
  • 14/01/2016

    Petros Karapetyan

    Delicious food, the best tiramisu in Yerevan and the service of course.
  • 17/08/2011

    Arpiné Grigoryan

    I've heard it's the best Italian restaurant in the city, but i'm still waiting for a special occasion to go there. long time in my to-dos :)
  • 22/07/2013

    Sedrak Mkrtchyan

    Double high prices than Yerevan average. Awsome cuisine, nice atmosphere!
  • 31/08/2013

    Dace Duarte Jaena

    Very good food and good service plus lovely limoncello!
  • 17/01/2014

    Elena Podobryaeva

    Хорошо готовят , хороший сервис , уютный ресторанчик
  • 03/09/2014

    Elena Podobryaeva

    Все ОЧЕНЬ Вкусно !!!отличное обслуживание .
  • 21/03/2016

    Hoora Vakili

    Very tasty Italian food, but a little salty
  • 04/02/2013

    Armen Khachatryan

    Try the Tonno di Coniglio, so nice!
  • 20/05/2015

    Fede B.

    Ottimo Ristorante italiano a Yerevan :-)
  • 28/09/2010

    Arik Ter-Galstyan

    Try a steak and enjoy a special lemon drink.
  • 29/03/2013


    Nice place
  • 10/05/2012

    Arsen Sultanyan

    Tuyn xmoreghen!