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  • Vostan restaurant by Tsirani
  • Smak Salad
  • The Club
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  • Darget restoran
  • Cactus Mexican Restaurant in Yerevan
  • Sorriso cafe gelato
  • Martini Royal Cafe
  • Bazaar restaurant in Yerevan
  • Tsirani home-restaurant in Yerevan
  • Tsirani
  • Flying Ostrich by Dolmama Restaurant in Dilijan
  • Noyan Restaurant
  • Just Cafe
  • Fish House
  • Santa Familia
  • Dolmama
  • El Garden Yerevan
  • Picasso Yerevan
  • Samurai Sushi Bar
  • Adastra Restaurant and Bar
  • El Sky Bar Yerevan
  • Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar
  • Paparazzi cafe
  • Caucasus
  • Patio
  • Ginetun restaurant
  • Tiziano
  • Green Dragon
  • SKY Restaurant MOZAIC
  • Mamoor live kitchen and bar
  • Montmartre Restaurant-Cafe-Bar
  • Irish Pub 26
  • La Villa restaurant complex
  • Qaghaqic Durs restaurant in Yerevan
  • Anoush Restaurant
  • Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant
  • Mane restaurant-showroom
  • Mon café
  • Armat Lounge
  • La Piazza
  • El Garden Kids Zone
  • Coffeeshop Company
  • Mora Restaurant Yerevan
  • Panatsea
  • Food Court
  • Dragon Garden
  • Vivaro Sport Bar
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Yerevan
  • The Beatles


Coffee day

Everyone has a different story of love occurrence towards this divine drink. For example, Balzac was not a simple fan of coffee but a coffee nerd and an adrenaline addict: he drank terribly too much of it and the drink should have been terribly too strong.

Napoleon had his own recipe – “Napoleon” coffee: 2 tea spoons of coffee, ¼ glass of cognac, a pinch of salt, sugar to your liking. Maybe it should be paired with “Napoleon” cake as it will be logical and beautiful.

And Catherine II added 4 table spoons of coffee for a cup. That is not bad at all either. Generally every small event can be turned into a big feast. And maybe you will ask how to celebrate: it is totally up to you: invite a friend for a cup of coffee, make a coffee cocktail or buy a cappuccinatore which you have been dreaming of.

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