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Ritual of taste acknowledgment

A few years ago on the threshold of opening the embassy of Japan in Armenia Japanese TV journalists came for shooting held in Samurai which was the first sushi bar in Yerevan. The journalists were interested how much the Armenians knew their culture and customs. Samurai turned out to be one of the brightest islets of Japan in Armenia, a place where Japanese culinary traditions are strictly observed. Authentic recipes, fresh products and the best technologies of cooking convinced the Japanese people that it is the place where foreigners can bravely come to taste the first sushi in their life. By the way Samurai offers 70 kinds of sushi and rolls which will help you get to know the whole richness of gustatory palette. 


The specialists of the sushi bar, however, advise starting not from sushi or sasha, but from rolls –combination of cheese, rice and fish is more common and will let you love the uncultivated gifts of the sea. By the way, the director of Samurai Gayane Arakelyan tells that the Japanese people consider use of the raw food one of the guarantees of longevity. “Rice is never cooked too long, fish does not undergo thermo processing,- the Japanese people like repeating that they eat products in the way the nature has gifted them”. Besides sushi and rolls you can also taste lots of other Japanese dishes, for example delicate meat cooked in Thai way or piquant chicken in sweet sauce. And for dessert it is recommended to have one of the several ice-creams offered here among which you can find an ice cream with addition of Matcha green tea. The sweet rolls are also an excellent choice- fruit and “Philadelphia” cheese filling wrapped in aromatic pancakes. 


In the sushi bar also several kinds of Japanese drinks are offered. The most popular among them is sake which is a strong alcoholic drink on the basis of rice. But as you know fish is perfectly paired with wine, especially the white one that is why in Samurai you are offered the best Armenian wines. For 11 years of its existence Samurai has not only introduced the traditions of sushi but has also managed to obtain love of citizens of different generations. “People got acquainted in here, fell in love and married… And now the children of those couples have grown up and have become our habitués and great appreciators of Japanese food,- tells Gayane Arakelyan. 

– For many people Samurai has become a real family”. Besides excellent food and comfortable home atmosphere the sushi-bar also offers atmosphere of heartsease. Inside the sushi-bar a real Japanese tea house exists where ceremonies of tea drinking are periodically held. The ceremonies are run by masters who have undergone special training and traditional Matcha tea is served which is famous for its delicate taste and many useful properties. 


The sorts of bushes from which this tea is collected grow mainly in special regions of the country, for example close to famous Kioto. During tea drinking it is forbidden to talk about work, finances, daily troubles. Instead, the tea masters help you get rid of daily hustle and bustle and talk about beauty and love. “We are often shy to show love, because erroneously consider it to be a showing a lack of determination. And the tea ceremony teaches us to be closer to each other, talk about love towards family or friends”,- highlights Gayane Arakelyan.


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