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An interesting conversation with Helen Udumyan

About a year ago the first internet kitchen project “Kitchen with Helen” started its wide, active and tasty work in Armenia, through which it introduced different tasty cuisines. The blog includes not only various dishes, but also many kinds of drinks, cultures and traditions of different countries. 


In Armenia “Kitchen with Helen” discusses everything connected with cuisines and those places where tasty dishes and drinks are prepared. That interactive media-project does not involve only popular restaurants, it also invites famous chefs and studies their personal techniques of cooking. During its short period of activity “Kitchen with Helen” has already managed to visit seven countries, study their cuisines and it came back with many new recipes.

1-854.jpg In 2017 within the period of July 12-21 “Kitchen with Helen” implemented a project which first seemed impossible: a cruise on a huge liner through Mediterranean countries- Italy, Spain, France. Due to the long months’ hard work of the team of “Kitchen with Helen” and the partners the project was fulfilled and as a result of which already from September marvelous colors, tastes, views and warm emotions were communicated to the spectators. That marvelous Mediterranean tour came true owing to the project inseparable partners, the cooperation with whom is simply a pleasure judging from the words of the project creator and director Helen Udumyan. The trust of partners became a source of inspiration in the more diligent and responsible fulfillment of the project. During the whole journey, in these hot and active summer days, “Coca-Cola” charged us with its tasty, cold and fresh energy. 


Converse Bank provided us with different kinds of cards by which the whole staff could not only pay for everyday shopping but also accumulated bonuses for the future use. Also Converse Bank provided financial means under rather profitable conditions to those many tourists, who were willing to join this Mediterranean fairytale. In 7 cities (Barcelona, Majorca, Ajaccio, Cannes, Rome, La Spezia, Genova) “Kitchen with Helen” had the honor to present tasty and by its type leading Armenian wine- Karas. Karas was traveling with the project with its five kinds of wine. It was really funny and a bit difficult to carry all those 84 bottles of wine to different cities which often became the reason of laughter and bright memories for our team. 


“Kitchen with Helen” organized wine-degustations, and was proud of the wine produced in Armenia, which received the highest mark by foreigners and among them experienced sommeliers are to be mentioned. “Armenia Travel” and “Merry Tour” made the tour perfectly comfortable and created a Mediterranean fairytale for them. Through their really hard work “Kitchen with Helen” felt correct and well planned tour privileges at every phase. The shooting team of “Kitchen with Helen” was impressed and satisfied by indescribable warm and hospitable reception of Mediterranean organization “MSC”. This cruise organization was categorically against any filming process on the board of the liner. However, “Kitchen with Helen” project became an exception and this luxurious cruise-ship was filmed with all its open and hidden corners.


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