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The season of khash is announced open

The season of the most favourite dish of all Armenians ''khash'' is announced open. It is the most unique dish of the national cuisine which usually becomes a reason for many family and friends gatherings.  

YerevanResto presents a list of restaurants where you can taste national Armenian khash.

In TSIRANI garden-restaurant you can enjoy khash everyday. A portion of khash with meat costs AMD 2500.



If you want to taste khash in TSIRANI home-restaurant then we should inform you that this special dish is served here only on weekends starting from 8:00 till noon. A portion with meat costs AMD 2800 and the one without meat – AMD 1700.



Have you ever imagined pink khash? El Garden has prepared a surprise specially for girls - pink khash. In this option there are no gustatory changes and the color is simply a culinary secret. One portion of khash with meat costs AMD 2500 and the one without meat – AMD 2000.



In Villa restaurant complex khash is endowed with a refreshing taste. It is served together with lavash and garlic. You can visit the restaurant every day but you have to reserve a table in advance.



Qaghaqic Durs restaurant located in the center of the city offers its guests to taste khash at AMD 1900 and the one without meat – AMD 1500. By the way, if you visit the restaurant in a company of four you will get a special offer. Order 4 portions of khash, sheep cheese, herbs, pickles plate, lavash, Jermuk, dry lavash and pay only AMD 10000 instead of AMD 15000.



The cooks of Noyan restaurant apply all their efforts to treat you to delicious traditional khash. The price of a portion is AMD 2000 including lavash and garlic. In case of collective visits a flexible discount system is offered.



If you reserve a table in Caucasus restaurant complex you will be offered khash at AMD 2000 and the one without meat at AMD 1500, the price also includes garlic.



You can enjoy khash in Vostan Restaurant by Tsirani on weekends till 12:00. A portion of khash costs AMD 2800 which is served with lavash.  



In Genatsvale tavern you are offered khash at AMD 1900 and the one without meat at AMD 1400.



In Mimino restaurant you can taste khash at AMD 2000 and the price also includes garlic.



Khash offered in The Vahakni restaurant costs AMD 2300 and the one without meat – AMD 2000. You are recommended to reserve a table in advance here.vahakni.jpg


In Pandok Yerevan a portion of appetizing khash costs AMD 2000. If you order 4 portions of khash with delivery you can get a bottle of “Ohanyan” vodka as a gift.a%20pandokteryan4.jpg


In Pandok 1 khash with meat is offered at AMD 2000 and the one without meat – AMD 1500. The price also includes lavash.              apandok1.jpg



 Ayas Kilikia restaurant offers fresh and delicious khash at AMD 2500. The restaurant also offers a plate of hors d'oeuvre  meant for 4-5 people at ayas_kilikia.jpgAMD 3500 which includes also olives, lemon, pickles, garlic and lavash.  


In Salon restaurant you can taste khash at AMD 2500 and the price also includes garlic.                                                                           salon.jpg


In order to enjoy khash in the lap of the nature you are advised to visit Crystal Resort Aghveran where rystal.jpgyou can taste very delicious khash at AMD 2500 and the one without meat at AMD 2000. The price includes also lavash and garlic.                                                                                                              



Amberd restaurant offers tasting khash at AMD 2500 and the one without meat at AMD 2000. The price also includes lavash and garlic.amberd.jpg


In Mer Gyughe tavern khash costs 2900 AMD, which includes garlic, dried lavash, pickles plate, herbsmer%20gyugh.jpg and lavash.

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