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Inteview with F and B responsibles of several best hotels and restaurants of Yerevan

In the city with great variety of restaurants and hotelsyou should take a closer look at the details to find your preferable place. These nuances, which are not conspicuous at first sight, make the soul of the place, and the last are made by a special department called Food and Beverage. The specialists working at that department are responsible for the most “tasty” functions of hotel or restaurant- choosing foods, preparing and serving dishes and also bar affair. F and B responsibles of several best hotels and restaurants of Yerevan told YerevanResto about their work, favorite food and also about aspects that may stand for a guarantee of tourism development in Armenia.

Which features should the person responsible for F and B of the hotel possess?

Ideally you should be focused and interested in doing your best for the place you are working for. You do that by looking after your guests and your fellow employees. You should be able to do things better and I always ask yourself, how you can do it more better.

How much is your work related to tourism development?

Everyone has/her own important role to accomplish and we all contribute in our own way. For example, if one is responsible for polishing silver, it is important. Everyone’s contribution matters.   

We need to put our heart and soul into our job.

What motivates you to be the best in your sphere?

I would say that I am running a well-known F and B operation in our city, but with my both feet on the ground…
I’m quite demanding. Making things better, refining furthermore and doing the unexpected is motivating.

What cuisine do you prefer and where do you love to go after work?

I love our traditional dishes and not only, but now in my “new role” as Father of a cute boy, I look forward to being at home. Spending quality time with my family is so rewarding.

Please tell an interesting or an amusing story which happened during your work experience.

In early 2000s a guest is ordering a glass of scotch via a receptionist lady at Reception Desk. On that days “SCOTCH”  was more known as an office supply and after long discussions the waiter is delivering a glass with plastic scotch inside.

Bakur Grigoryan, Republica Hotel


What features should the person responsible for F and B of the hotel possess?

I believe that the responsible for F and B should be professional which supposes deep knowledge of restaurant and hotel business and undeniable leader features.

How much is your work related with tourism development?

It is completely related with that. Many guests choose our hotel for the uniqueness of the bar and for the breakfast we offer on the 12th floor, which is also very essential in that regard. Also, tourism development implies good service and F and B plays one of the most pivotal roles in this respect.

What motivates you to be the best in your sphere?

Aspiration to become the best and holding positions is already a big motivation and there is no need to look for another one.

What cuisine do you prefer and where do you like to go after work?

I love Italian and Thai cuisines, I eat only at my place, but sometimes, after the work, besides my bar  I can go to enjoy perfect Negroni over the bar counter of Daboo bar located near Cascade.

Please tell an interesting or a funny story which happened during your working practice.

Once several “restaurateurs” decided to copy our bar and our work. And it sounds really funny till now to me! 

George Ghazaryan, Paris Hotel


What characteristics should the person responsible for F and B hotel have?

Responsibility, communication skills, smiling face, resilience, tactfulness, tranquility, accurateness, etc. I consider sense of humor, ability to tune up conflicts, and of course not to be conflictive himself to be very essential.

How much is your work related to tourism development?

As our restaurant is located in the hotel it already connects us with tourism. A small Armenian menu is created to honor the guests of our city. As a result of our work we came to the conclusion that in this or that way gastronomy tourism exists in our country. The Armenian cuisine has ancient roots which have not been studied completely and owing to tourism we should study and disclose them. Our task is to correctly present our achievement which is not only our architecture.

What motivates you to be the best in your sphere?

Being a perfectionist I am doing my best to perform everything excellently. I do my best to quickly compete daily boring work from which I get tired very easily and I always add something to it or change it fully, and as a result I do it better. My advice to my guys is: even if this work will last a very short period in your life it should be performed for 100%. If you do so you learn that any kind of work will be performed perfectly in the future. It will be a part of these people.

What cuisine do you prefer and where do you like going after work?

I love delicious food but I have no concrete preferences. In Yerevan there are many comfortable places where you can enjoy delicious food together with your friends. It is only very important that the idea of the interior design does not overshadow the idea of good healthy cuisine. And unfortunately it happens rather frequently here.

Please tell an interesting or a funny case which happened during your working practice.

Of course there have been many interesting and funny cases but I remember our guests very clearly who visit us not only for eating but who come to enjoy food and ambiance. These are the guests who do not ask for a wi-fi password instead of the menu and do not sit staring at their phones. Unfortunately such guests are becoming fewer and fewer that is why I remember them so clearly. Food is also art and it should be enjoyed. 

Bella Hovhannisyan, Opera Suite Hotel


What characteristics should F and B responsible of a hotel have?

I think that there are 3 main characteristic that the F and B responsible should have: diplomacy, patience, focus on details. Diplomacy because you have to be in contact with a countless number of different people, culture, personality. You should never make feel somebody uncomfortable while he is talking to you. Patience since it takes time to train people and change things into your vision. Focus on details, I guess this is what really counts and really makes the difference in hospitality nowadays. Giving a service as much personalized as you can, is the winning choice.

How much do you think your work is connected with tourism development?

Driving quality service is a good starting point for tourism development. So with all this hospitality leading companies that are investing in Armenia we can consider that the first step towards this target is being made. The absence of hospitality schools, master classes, and focused trainings makes me think that a lot still should be done, especially when we speak about the next generation of hotelier.

What motivates you to be the best in your sphere?  

My first motivation is actually the passion and the love I have toward my work. I like to set a goal and to challenge myself and achieve them.

Which cuisine do you like and which places do you like to visit out of work?

I come from southern Italy, the simplicity, the genuineness, the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine is not comparable with anything else. I do like also very much south-east Asia and Middle East food. These last two are in my opinion the most complex cuisines. They put together many different cultures, techniques, tastes; since they are coming from places that are themselves melting pot of cultures.

Please tell any interesting/ funny story which happened during your work.

Once it happened to me in Rome that one giant and handsome guest, that was well worked out, wanted to have dinner in the pool restaurant of the hotel but he wanted to have some sushi that he brought from outside. The restaurant was extremely busy, and I had several guest waiting already for their table, so I couldn’t let him do that. In the end I was able to convince him, but the funny thing was that he was afraid to explain this to his wife who was half of him. Can you imagine that huge guy, being afraid of a tiny wife? So the size doesn’t really count.  We laughed a lot!

Marco Cagnetta, DoubleTree by Hilton Yerevan City Centre


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