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  • Martini Royal Cafe
  • Mora Restaurant Yerevan
  • Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar
  • MAZA - by Mandaloun
  • Adastra Restaurant and Bar
  • Noyan Restaurant
  • The Club
  • Qaghaqic Durs restaurant in Yerevan
  • Patio
  • Vivaro Sport Bar
  • SKY Restaurant MOZAIC
  • Caucasus
  • Montmartre Restaurant-Cafe-Bar
  • ArtBridge Bookstore
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Yerevan
  • Tiziano
  • Flying Ostrich by Dolmama Restaurant in Dilijan
  • Bel etage
  • El Garden Yerevan
  • Coffeeshop Company
  • Darget restoran
  • Irish Pub 26
  • Dragon Garden
  • La Villa restaurant complex
  • The Beatles
  • Panatsea
  • Fish House
  • Just Cafe
  • Mamoor live kitchen and bar
  • Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant
  • Sinatra
  • El Sky Bar Yerevan
  • Samurai Sushi Bar
  • Sayat - Nova
  • Food on Wood
  • Mane restaurant-showroom
  • Anoush Restaurant
  • Dolmama
  • Smak Salad
  • Armat Lounge
  • Food Court
  • Paparazzi cafe
  • Bazaar restaurant in Yerevan
  • La Piazza
  • El Garden Kids Zone
  • Cactus Mexican Restaurant in Yerevan
  • Sorriso cafe gelato

City chronicle

  • Top 14 establishments for organizing and having an ideal birthday party for kids

    Top 14 establishments for organizing and having an ideal birthday party for kids

    Despite the fact that there are a great number of kids’ cafes it is not so easy to find a place with high-quality service and good cuisine for kids ageing up to 10 years  and in order to help you not waste loads of time on search YerevanResto has compiled...
  • Gayane Breiova: New aspects of Armenian cuisine

    Gayane Breiova: New aspects of Armenian cuisine

    How did you start your restaurant business?In 1994, after arriving in Moscow, I joined the closed complex "Slovak House" as a waitress. From that moment my acquaintance with the restaurant business had started. Why did you choose Moscow for your work...
  • Ritual of taste acknowledgment

    Ritual of taste acknowledgment

    A few years ago on the threshold of opening the embassy of Japan in Armenia Japanese TV journalists came for shooting held in Samurai which was the first sushi bar in Yerevan. The journalists were interested how much the Armenians knew their culture and...
  • An interesting interview with Amalia Akopova

    An interesting interview with Amalia Akopova

    Dear Amalia, thank you for accepting our invitation for interview. The last period of time you seemed to avoid of public appearances. To be honest I know the answers to the majority of my questions, but I would like other people also to be informed. Swear to be honest and sincere.— I shouldn’t accept that invitation... I swear. At the end of the year everybody sums up the results of their activity, let’s speak about what managed to do in the sphere of tourism The Center for Strategic Initiatives.— Glad to answer to this question as it gives me an opportunity to explain what is the role and meaning of CSI in tourism and in common. A unity of young same aimed people work at the center. To achieve the goals we put in front of us our first function is to work with ministries, departments, committee, local authorities for the spheres that are important for us: IT, tourism, education, taxation, investments and governance. We are unique consultant- reformers, if it can be said like that. I’ll just explain. For example from February we had a goal to create the “Tourism Satellite Account” which is some kind of database of all tourists that came to Armenia, as we have no kind of statistics by now. We don’t know how many persons from 1 400 000 visitors of our country are tourists. We don’t know the average amount of their checks. We have no idea where they mostly hang on, and what remains them indifferent. We don’t know our tourists, so we can’t demonstrate constructive approach to their needs. It comes out that without knowing our target audience we try to enlarge it. CSI now works on creation of SAT. The work on creation includes development and elaboration of the project with the help of government, searching for the international organizations to acquire their financial assistance and obtaining agreement of unbreakable instances. All these processes are done not only for tourism, but also for all spheres mentioned above. 
  • An interesting conversation with Helen Udumyan

    An interesting conversation with Helen Udumyan

    About a year ago the first internet kitchen project “Kitchen with Helen” started its wide, active and tasty work in Armenia, through which it introduced different tasty cuisines. The blog includes not only various dishes, but also many kinds of drinks...
  • “New Year in Yerevan 2018” events program

    “New Year in Yerevan 2018” events program

    December 4 - January 13 11:00 - 17:00 “Once upon a time three Christmas trees ….” excursionYerevan History Museum   December 8 19:00  “New Year in Yerevan 2018” ice-rink season opening Swan lake   December 8 19:00 “Winter park” ice...
  • The season of khash is announced open

    The season of khash is announced open

    The season of the most favourite dish of all Armenians ''khash'' is announced open. It is the most unique dish of the national cuisine which usually becomes a reason for many family and friends gatherings.   YerevanResto presents a list of restaurants where you...
  • Coffee day

    Coffee day

    Everyone has a different story of love occurrence towards this divine drink. For example, Balzac was not a simple fan of coffee but a coffee nerd and an adrenaline addict: he drank terribly too much of it and the drink should have been terribly too strong...