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Week of Italian Cuisine in Armenia

Week of Italian Cuisine in ArmeniaWithin the period of June 4 -10 the next, already the third “Week of Italian cuisine” festival will take place in our country. Gradually the festival receives the status of a traditional festival which every year expands its frames both in terms of geographic distribution and assortment of presented dishes. In the restaurants of Yerevan and Gyumri culinary peculiarities of various Italian provinces will be discovered through this whole week. Each restaurant will present one Italian province.

The press –conference which is held in the Embassy of Italy is considered to be a unique report of the festival. This year show of the descriptive film proceeded to the official part of the festival. The fifteen-minute reel managed to embrace the unembraceable: the whole Italy. Italy which retained the history of centuries, country which lives in the present without forgetting the past. The traditions are constituents of the Italian cuisine and it is continuously renewed.

toscana_4.jpg The provinces of Italy are separate countries in one country. Every province cordially differs from the other but history, traditions are distorted in none of them and the flavor of each province would be sufficient for one whole separate country. The Italian cuisine is also that colorful and specific. On the whole the Italian cuisine is an expandible concept, and ideally we should have kept an accurate gradation per province. For example, Sicilian or Turin cuisine.

But for the wide “Armenian” audience Italian cuisine is exhausted with spaghetti and various kinds of pizza. This very festival can dissuade our gourmets. This year even the instructor of the famous Turin Culinary School –Eduardo Baviello has been invited to Armenia who will hold master-classes for Armenian cooks.

file1-1617.jpg In order not to make unsubstantiated statements, the organizers of the press-conference invited all the guests for dish degustation. The variety of victuals was striking and it was quite impossible to fail to find something to your taste. Moreover, the tastes continually interlaced as the presented provinces did. Just a step and you appear in Lazio from Veneto and all this is possible in Yerevan which is simply superb.

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