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Santa Fe

To be noted
Japaneese, Continental
Address: Cascade, Yerevan
Phone: (374 60) 440001
Working hours: 10:00-03:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Who goes here?

A summer fairy tale offered by Santa Fe 

Santa Fe summer café located in the vicinity of Cascade loved by the Yerevan people and the capital guests, has managed to collect a big number of habitués, friends and visitors. In the summer time it is very pleasant to enjoy ice cream made personally by the café cook according to special Italian technology. The café offers comfortable playground and entertaining games for children. Several times a week you can enjoy live music here.
And the various menu suits the taste of connoisseurs of European, as well as Japanese cuisines. When we mention the café menu it is impossible not to stop on the true Japanese dish- sushi, which has become very popular with our townspeople during the last years. We recommend all those who have not managed to taste this unique dish to come and discover the interesting and amazing world of the Japanese cuisine right here. In Santa Fe sushi is made precisely in accordance of Japanese culinary traditions. For preparation exclusively fresh seafood is used: salmon, shrimps, fish roe and selected sorts of rice.

Superb cuisine, comfortable soft furniture, atmosphere of warmth and comfort, variety of flower beds and slightly catchable noise of summer fountain: these are the required conditions for a pleasant pastime not only in the day time, but also in chilly Yerevan evenings. You can also taste aromatic hookah here.
Visit Santa Fe and pleasant pastime will be guaranteed for you!

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  • Hasmik Ghukasyan

    Hasmik Ghukasyan

    09 December 2012 в 00:36:41
    Arandznapes chem arandznacni ays cafen spasarkumov, menak erexeki hamar e erevi hetakrkir!!!
  • Rafi


    30 May 2012 в 04:29:58
    Isk musica kendani linume?
  • Lianka


    28 May 2012 в 17:51:18
    es chgidei vor dzez mot ka Japonakan xohanoc)
  • Kenzo


    28 May 2012 в 17:27:58
    Хорошая кафешка,с детьми удобно захаживать)
  • LiKA


    24 May 2012 в 01:53:16
    QANI tariya aistexem anckacnum im amarain erekonere)Shat lavna

Last news

  • Сream Cheese offered by Santa Fe

    Сream Cheese offered by Santa Fe

    As usual, Santa Fe café outstands with its uniqueness. Every time here you are offered quite peculiar and superb dishes which differ with their novelty, uniqueness and remarkability. This time you are offered to worthily appreciate «Cream Cheese»....

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