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Bel Etage

To be noted
Continental, French
Address: 31 Stepan Zorian Str., Yerevan
Phone: (374 10) 500751
Working hours: 11:00-24:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Provencal elegance of Bel Etage

The Provence style appeared in the south of France as one of the most restrained and authentic styles. Nowadays it is the incarnation of elegance and spirit of true France. That is why it is not surprising that one of the best French restaurants existing in the capital has chosen the Provence Style for its interior. Bel Etage restaurant opened its hospitable doors relatively recently but has managed to outstand with its high standards of taste and quality.

Bel Etage is divided into three halls: piano hall, wine hall, art hall. In piano hall you have the opportunity of enjoying live music, in wine hall you are invited to taste jambon in combination with the best French wines, and in art hall comfort, as well as classical painting created in improvisation a-la Provence will welcome you.

Chef of Bel Etage restaurant offers you the best dishes of the classical French cuisine, as well as the daintiest French desserts. True home-made bread and croissants are baked in the oven of Bel Etage. Also in Bel Etage cooks make ice-cream and sorbet by themselves.

Pleasant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, good music: ideal place for business meetings and hobnobs.

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  • Greta Gasparyan

    Greta Gasparyan

    22 October 2015 в 11:40:38
    hacheli mtnolort.barcrakarg spasarkum,hamex uteliq,xorhurd ktam bolorin aycelel.shat shnorhakalutyun hacheli paheri hamar
  • Sona Simonyan

    Sona Simonyan

    09 January 2014 в 17:34:43
    spasarkume shat lavna!!!!!!!!erevi te miak texne,vortex senc spasarkum ka
  • Hasmik Ghukasyan

    Hasmik Ghukasyan

    09 December 2012 в 00:05:19
    Hacheli mijavayr, bardzrakarg spasarkum ev shaaaaaaaaaat hamex utelik! И как говорится "За хорошое нужно платить" ;)
  • Hayk


    23 November 2012 в 22:12:54
    Заказывал надавно рыбу. Официант принес 2 ножа - рыбный и обычный. :) и сказал, что надо так есть рыбу. Бедный наверно не слышал про рыбную вилку и думал что рыбу едят ножом. Прожарка тоже была не Medium, а такой, нормальный Well Done!!! Думаю как всегд
  • Zara Aslanyan

    Zara Aslanyan

    15 November 2012 в 12:36:07
    Xotela poyti,no sudya po commentam...:)
  • Artem Chilingaryan

    Artem Chilingaryan

    11 November 2012 в 05:03:50
    Gekhecika, bayc Tang u kraka... baci gumaric , mard piti tnayin grquykn el het@ beri vor zalog dni . . . mi qich gneri ijecum katareq , ho Kahytarak cheq . enpes areq, vor mardik mshtakan gan , voch te dzevi hamar. el the end

Last news

  • New Year together with Bel Etage

    New Year together with Bel Etage

    Holidays are very close and as we promised here is our first surprise. For all those who have not decided yet where to hold their corporate party Bel Etage opens its hospitable doors and invites enjoying warm and amicable ambiance. Bel Etage, Bel Etage...

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  • 12/08/2013

    Tatyana Sargsyan

    Delicious foie gras and escargots...Very nice atmosphere and excellent service. A little bit expensive but it is worth that money because of very tasty dishes, cozy and romantic atmosphere.
  • 17/07/2012

    Huubj Peters

    lucky you...(-:
  • 29/06/2014


    yet not best service, but nice place.
  • 04/07/2013

    Bella Barseghyan

    Very pricy, main dishes not worth it. Dessert may be, try nougat ice-cream.
  • 26/02/2012

    Arpiné Grigoryan

    Very expensive, however cozy restaurant with beautiful interior. Kind of a place where people go when they want to impress others (guests etc).
  • 18/07/2015

    Yervand Aghababyan

    One of the most expensive places of the city. But the food, interior and service are excellent. Had one of my best steaks here.
  • 25/10/2014

    Arsen G

    Excellent atmosphere, nice interior, good service, satisfaction/prices ratio not among the highest.
  • 12/01/2013

    Lilit Lana Asatryan

    Great hospitality, amazing food, lovely atmosphere, attentive staff and wonderful live piano music. To cut it short, a must-go place, especially for couples.
  • 30/08/2012

    Armen Petrosian

    lets go guys