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PAULANER Beer-house (Tamanyan 6)

Beerhouse, Restaurant
To be noted
Address: 6 Tamanyan str., Yerevan
Phone: (374 10) 543800
Working hours: 11:00-00:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Who goes here?

To America through Europe
There are not many places left in Yerevan which can be considered to be typical “Yerevanian”. Even new buildings corresponding to the flavor and mood of our city or at least those not contradicting the spirit of Yerevan have become fewer. Cascade can be named among such rarest places which immediately got accustomed and with the time became fully “Yerevanian”. And all this due to its multifaceted type expressed by sculptures brought from different ends of the world, mixed masses both among the local and foreign people, and of course various pubs and restaurants.

At the very bottom of Cascade one of such café-restaurants is placed which is typically Yerevanian from outside and exquisitely European from inside. Stepping over the threshold of Paulaner, you may think that you have appeared in a fashionable apartment of some inhabitant of Cascade. Black wooden and strict square tables and chairs which are laid in two rows up to the very end of the premises. And above all this an artificial fireplace is hanging which underlines practicality and businesslike character of the style. The walls are partly covered with black wood and are partly covered with brick and the walls are covered with black and white city photos.

Paulaner is very European but most correctly German. Chandeliers from medieval castles, copper lampshades and torches, of course, symbolically dressed-up waitresses, who appeared in Yerevan from some kind of German land but who have not lost their skills and proficiency. For them running with three cups of beer in each hand is an ordinary thing.

If you are fan of different beer meetings then you should come here. Paulaner is a globally famous Brand having a glorious history as befits to the selected German beer. The beginning of production of Paulaner dates back to the 17th century, more correctly 1627. The monks of monastery of Saint Paul, Noydeck started to brew this beer. The unique technology of preparation and the local climate imparted unique gustatory qualities to the beer. Popularity of Paulaner increased as a result of which in1861 Salvator Keller beer caller was opened on Nockherberg mountain. Before that Paulaner had already been involved in the elite rank and only the privileged classes could enjoy it. At the moment Paulaner has not lost its status, оit is included in the list of six German beer producers having the right to supply its production in the worldwide beer festival called Oktoberfest in Munich. The beer was presented at the festival under the tent bearing the same name which makes it easy for its fans to recognize it.

Besides beer, in Paulaner you should also pay special attention to the menu. You can find lots of interesting offers in the menu and the most important thing is to determine your priorities. If you are not worried about extra kilos then be sure to taste the duck cooked according to a special recipe. But if the extra calories are hunting you then you can order a light soup the variety of which is rather big here.

The main Armenian trait in Paulaner is veranda. You may make an objection by saying that Paris is closer in this respect but imagine Yerevan for a second without street cafes with red or blue umbrellas. Or imagine Yerevan without Cascade or Cascade without cafe-restaurants and pubs. It is quite impossible!

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  • Zara Aslanyan

    Zara Aslanyan

    12 March 2013 в 21:44:27
    Ya deystvitelno ochen priyatno udivlena!Mne u vas ponravilos vse!Kak davolno bogatoe menu,chto dlya pivnyx zavedeniy redkost,tak i xoroshim,gramotnym obslujivaniem.Spokoynaya obstanovka,razlivnoe pivo ochen vkusnoe,lichno dlya menya samoe vkusnoe pivo v n
  • Hasmik Ghukasyan

    Hasmik Ghukasyan

    09 December 2012 в 00:14:55
    Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax, vonc em sirum dzer mot, shat hacheli vayr e!!!
  • Rafo


    30 May 2012 в 04:25:00
    Настоящая пивная в центре Еревана!!!Молодцы.Очень хорошо сделано все!
  • Kenzo


    28 May 2012 в 17:08:42
    Hoyakap vair e)

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