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Cafe, Restaurant
To be noted
Armenian, Arabian, Mediterranean
Address: 23 Sayat-Nova Ave., Yerevan
Phone: (374 99) 660700
Working hours: 12:00-24:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Liban – when you are home!

Classical image of a restaurant is always related with family business when children act in the role of garcons, and parents take the other positions starting from clean-up to management. It would have seemed simply impossible to find such a restaurant in the reality of Yerevan , but believe it or not, it does exist! That restaurant is Liban which is located on Sayat-Nova street, between the crossroad of Nalbandyan and Abovyan streets. Corresponding to the classic picture the atmosphere of this restaurant shines with attractiveness. 

For already 12 years the Ajinyans have been holding this business by investing soul and their whole time in order to reach the level of one of the best family restaurants of Yerevan. The cuisine offered here is diverse: Arabic, Mediterranean and Western Armenian. Essentially all the ingredients are from Lebanon owing to which all the dishes stand out with ingenuity. But not only this fact makes Liban restaurant unique among similar establishments. Everything cooked here stands out with a special approach to all details. 

The cook does not work simply for earning money at the end of the day since the cook is the owner himself who is an ordinary landlord of his own house. And every time standing next to the stove he cooks in the way to amaze his guest, he applies all his efforts to delight friends with his skills. 

And it is the whole privilege of Liban restaurant. For 12 years the Ajinyans have been cooking, learning and amazing with their creations. So taste and flavor of homemade food are guaranteed. The restaurant menu is periodically updated and the assortment of the dishes is a little bit wider and richer that presented in printed form. Here you are offered more than fifty types of dishes. Moreover, if your whim is not satisfied with anything out of the presented offers then any dish will be cooked at your desire with great pleasure. The interior totally fits with the concept of the restaurant: everything is compact and cozy. 

Big leather sofas are simply supplements to comfort. This area wonderfully suits for all kinds of events: be it a corporate party or a family gathering. And most importantly the owners will apply all efforts for your evening to be held at the highest level. In summertime tables will be placed in the open air. And even here, in the footway of Sayat Nova street, family and amicable ambiance predominate.

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  • Sirun


    24 May 2012 в 01:43:05
    ayo, hamadzainem, ev shat maqure
  • Bella


    30 April 2012 в 18:32:08
    Shat hamegh arabakan, hin haykakan xohanoc e
  • 09 November 2011 в 13:00:00
  • Nelli


    01 November 2011 в 17:04:15
    Gay jan chisht es asum, es el ei gnace patver@ tvecinq enqan ushacreci, vor moracel e, te inche em patvirel.
  • Gayane


    01 November 2011 в 16:58:49
    Arabakan xohanoc@ im tulutyunna, bayc amenachysiracs bana, vor patver@ ushacnum en(
  • Moso


    14 October 2011 в 19:46:10
    shat verj texa, bayc mi bana vat, apsos et hamov uteliqneri@ gexeckuhiner@ chen matucum ev mi hat hamov par parum..;))))

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    Lenten period in Liban

    Within the Lenten period Liban restaurant offers everyone a new Lenten menu. You can order different soups, hot dishes, salads. There are eight Lenten soups in Liban restaurant. The restaurant guarantees their variety and gustatory qualities. By...

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  • 05/03/2014

    Anya Andrievskaya

    and what about prices? not very expensive ?
  • 13/11/2013

    Esen Caglar

    This is a great restaurant. Service is of highest quality. Falafel is very tasty. Try apple nargile. And sicilian wine.
  • 11/05/2013

    Narek Gasparyan

    hangist mijavayr)!!!