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Cucina Marriott

To be noted
Continental, Italian
Address: 1 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (374 10) 599248, 599000
Site address: http://www.marriottarmenia.com
Working hours: 17:00-00:00
Bill amount:
10000-20000 AMD

Cucina restaurant, being located on the second floor of Armenia Marriott Hotel, is one of the rarest places in Yerevan where you can plunge into Mediterranean atmosphere. The cozy tratorria, more oriented at visitors than at hotel guests will take you to Florentine Tuscany. Wine to any taste and unforgettable odour of real Italian pasta will continue exciting your taste sensors for a long time. Spaghetti Bolognese, pasta alla Carbonara, as well as the variety of the production of Italian company Barilla seasoned with home-made sauces and Chief-cook Rolph always has hundreds of new recipes in reserve.

One of the novelties of the restaurant, which has provided its guests with the opportunity of enjoying the odour of the true Italian cuisine for already 7 years, is freshly baked national bread Focaccia. Again you can find antipasti included in the menu which is a cold hors d’oeuvre without which no Italian feast is possible to imagine, as well as carpacio can be found in it.

However, Cucina was and is one of the rarest places in the city which is famous for its pizza. If you wish to season it with olive oil or cherry tomatoes then skilful cooks are ready to satisfy any wish of yours, even if your favorite sauce is not included in the menu.

Cucina pays great attention to its dessert. The sweet fancy cake is the strong point of the new chief-cook. Wonderful view opens on to the Republic Square from the restaurant and it is so pleasant to follow the Singing Fountains in the summer evenings from there, also it is an ideal place both for business negotiations and romantic rendezvous. And the specially invited opera singer will fill the evening with wonderful and lovely music.

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  • Hasmik Ghukasyan

    Hasmik Ghukasyan

    09 December 2012 в 00:08:51
    Итальянская кухня это конечно что-то!!!
  • Vardan Harutyunyan

    Vardan Harutyunyan

    22 November 2012 в 21:29:28
    В итальянской кухне вкус изысканный и разнообразный:))а в Cucina Marriott все это есть:) и все поддается на высшем уровне:))))))))))))))
  • Anna Khachatryan

    Anna Khachatryan

    26 July 2012 в 07:04:02
    I Like Food. Food Tastes Good
  • Bella


    30 April 2012 в 18:44:06
    It's a great pleasure to visit this restaurant. Especially in the evening then you have a chance to listen local "italian" tenor :)
  • Andy


    04 April 2012 в 19:45:30
    events are always great!
  • Bony


    17 October 2011 в 12:00:00
    I like this place!!!!

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