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26 Irish Pub

To be noted
Address: 26 Ghazar Parpetsu Str., Yerevan
Phone: (374 77) 822023
Working hours: 17:00-02:00
Bill amount:
500-5000 AMD

Who goes here?

For all those who love having a cup of beer and enjoying Irish relies and jigs, old-time rolling and beatles then Irish Pub 26 is an ideal place for relaxation. The name itself explains the type and nature of the place: it is a classic Irish Pub in green tones with wooden tables and rock-ballads. In general the wooden interior of Irish Pub 26 is perfectly harmonious with the style of Irish Pubs. Under the shimmer of lamps made in the old style various debates on different topics are organized every evening: who is the best guitarist of all the times? Did Stalin want the war? How to prepare omelet? And the eternal question of all questions- Real or Barsa?

There are things hanging over the walls which seem to be ordinary and simple ones: glass holders, a huge number of vinyl records, posters and picture of Captain Morgan, inscription of Guinness, as it is impossible to imagine any Irish Pub without it. But these ordinary thing impart such unique atmosphere to Irish Pub which makes you return again and again.

The walls are not only covered with different things but are also with drawings. The Celtic tree of life is drawn on the wall right by the employees of Irish Pub. One more such tree decorates the ceiling just now it is on a big green substance which fits with the whole decoration of the pub.

Every week parties, live concerts, broadcast of the most important football matches, competitions and many other events are organized in Irish Pub. There is hardly anyone that can imagine Irish Pub without the traditional game “What?” “Where?” “When?” held here every Thursday. Very frequently Irish holidays, for example, the day of Saint Patrick, are organized in Irish Pub.

The pub offers a wide assortment of alcoholic drinks, both in pure and in cocktail forms. By the way, Irish Pub is the single place in Yerevan where Guinness beer is served: it is the drink which has become the legend of Ireland and the symbol of the day of Saint Patrick. The cuisine of Irish is European.

One more important point is worth noting: in Irish Pub music playing out of loudspeakers matches with the picture on the screen that is why you will not have to look at Jagher but listen to Avril Lavin.

Irish Pub is open every day at the address: 26, Parpetsi street.

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  • 24 January 2014 в 16:04:00
    otlichnaya musica i xoroshaya atmosfera )))
  • Sona Simonyan

    Sona Simonyan

    13 January 2014 в 12:54:03
    Irish pub-e amena civil texne, vor karoxacele ir makardake pahi barcr.Indz hamar amena lav pub-ne Erevanum
  • Anna Mkrtumova

    Anna Mkrtumova

    11 December 2012 в 18:39:51
    movie quiz is great! thanks
  • Hasmik Ghukasyan

    Hasmik Ghukasyan

    09 December 2012 в 00:56:53
    lav puba shat, haves texa!
  • stas


    26 November 2012 в 03:06:04
    Красивое место
  • Sargis Sargsyan

    Sargis Sargsyan

    18 July 2012 в 16:25:29
    good place for Friday nights

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