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Restaurant, Cafe, Lounge Bar
To be noted
Continental, Italian
Address: 28 Isahakyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (374 10) 563110
Working hours: 10:00-00:00
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

Кто ходит сюда?

"The night is even more richly colored than the day is", - Van Gogh mentioned once. Though bright palette of colors is able to раss the whole beauty of summer night, its charm is more acutely tangible when there is a game of light and shade. "Terrazza" is a small cosy café close to Yerevan Drama Theatre, in the very center of Yerevan, which is candle-lit in the evenings. The candles decorate both the table and the bar desk, the path leading to the tables and the entrance of the café itself.

Their crackle is vanished into the music sounds (each evening the piano plays in "Terrazza") but the light they beam is harmoniously interlaced with the atmosphere created in "Terrazza"cafe. It is an ideal place not only for romantic dinner under candle light. Cosily seated in comfortable leather sofas you can enjoy a friendly chat and pet your gustatory receptors at the same time. Terreni, pâtés, salads – "Terrazza" offers dishes of traditional French cuisine.

The café is specifically famous for its steaks. Local meat is used, but as the chief cook assures its quality is not worse than French Filet mignon is. The meat for steak passes through 7 levels of roasting –from 4 up to 25 minutes, depending on what the client prefers more. Also, it is worth mentioning that meat dishes in "Terrazza", as shin of lamb in a special sauce is prepared on coals.

"Terrazza" pays special attention to dessert. French fancy cakes are made right on the spot. "Nuga ice" with berries, pistachios and dried fruits, chocolate biscuit "Lava cake", pie "Taxtaten" , which is served in hot state with a ball of vanilla ice-cream. Special lemonades with taste of tarragon, raspberry and water-melon will help freshen up in 40-degree heat and all these lemonades are novelties of the summer café. "Terrazza" has a very rich bar: hard and soft drinks, liqueurs, and of course, wines. The French assortment makes the biggest part of the wine list: 13 types of wine are brought from France specially for "Terrazza".

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