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12 Club

To be noted
Address: 1 Abovyan Str., Yerevan
Phone: (374 10) 522350
Bill amount:
5000-10000 AMD

The beauty of Armenian hospitality in Club 12

Club 12 is one of the most colorful, friendly, at the same time simple and luxurious establishments in our city. Club clienteles perceive it not only as a place of entertainment and recreation, it's like a second home.

Second floor. Door on the right. Climbing the stairs through the carpeted Armenian-old fashion carpet, heat gradually penetrates and warms the soul like you are at home. This staircase remembering all who passed by at least once. Wherever you go, whatever you thought staircase fascinates with its mystery and quiet, as house itself. 

The door is always open. In the hallway you are greeted like a long-awaited guest. Going further, we go into the first room with antique chandelier, perched along the wall bar. And everything is presented in an ordinary house: curtains are up the floor, walls and floor are covered with carpets, wooden furniture up to the wardrobe, and chest of drawers with large mirrors - all in bright, eye pleasing colors.

From the main hall, where the scene is, the first frame is divided room without doors and windows without glass. The effect is certainly unique. Especially when you sit near the window sill and look at playing with musicians’ window. Next to the main hall is another, very spacious, with the same characteristic features, more personal, designed for those who want to be far from the noise and music. 

Live music is played every day after nine. On weekdays ethno-jazz plays, but for a weekend jazz dance is in store. In Club-12 both new and popular bands and artists, such as "Katuner" and Ruben Hakhverdyan.

Unique atmosphere prevails in the club. This is not a youth club. Here you can meet accomplished people, but without any rigor. Everyone loves to have fun, dance, so there is no tension and obsessions.

The Bar of the Club is one of the best in Yerevan for its freedom of choice. Brandy and whiskey, liqueurs and aperitifs are only the best. And it's hard to find anything that is not in the club’s menu. Well, just an amazing kitchen. Its main focus is Armenian. Here mainly is cooked based on the ancient Armenian recipes, perfecting with the little modern twist. Moreover, the main products are brought from the village Tsaghkunk. Even the menu where descriptions of dishes presented in a very interesting and intriguing way with specified place from where the ingredients are delivered. Dishes themselves are more interesting than their descriptions. For example, spicy yogurt soup (spas) which is one of the main dishes of Armenian cuisine. Or salad "Tsopk" combines quince with bacon in cream and spices in the subtle aroma of lemon. About 12 hot dishes Club can write an entire thesis. Lamb, veal, pork, poultry, fish, rabbit, presented to a whole range of flavors. Particular emphasis is placed on the menu eggplant caviar, cooked by home recipe, with peppers, onions, garlic and, of course, with vegetable oil. A portion of dolma in Club 12 is measured by a meter and not grams. Can you imagine that one serving - it's half a meter dolma!

Dessert is also preparing its own - chocolate, jam, baklava, tiramisu, cheesecake, apple strudel with grated. As for ice cream, you will be surprise, here one can try an extraordinary taste spicy ice cream. It is hardly possible to describe completely luxurious, unusually rich cuisine of the club. It really is a case where better see once, than hear hundred times!

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  • Vardan


    21 May 2012 в 19:44:51
    Qaxaqum miak texna, vortex hangist es qez zgum, u shat anbrnazbos jamanak es anckacnum, vortev chka en haykakan "vipendryoj@"
  • Karen


    08 May 2012 в 19:32:08
    araj aveli hetaqrqir er, chnayac vor konceptual vair e

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