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Daily news

Magic dolma by Tsirani
31 Aug

Magic dolma by Tsirani

Beyond the city turmoil in the lap of unique nature Tsirani restaurant offers passing pleasant leisure and tasting rare culinary creations from the rich assortment of national cuisine in the open air. Visit the restaurant with family, guests and friends and order magic dolma without fail. Supposedly the dish contains no special ingredients: the same... read more
A steak made of pork rib roast by Famous Kalyan
31 Aug
Famous Kalyan

A steak made of pork rib roast by Famous Kalyan

How pleasant it is to enjoy flavored and delicious steak made of pork rib roast in Famous Kalyan lounge bar where the whole area is filled with flavors of this ideally cooked dish. The taste of preliminarily marinated pork and spices will make you forget that you are in the hasty and noisy center of Yerevan. Here the time stops for a while and the romantic... read more
Lamb in tonir by HighRest
28 Aug

Lamb in tonir by HighRest

Culinary specialists who are able to cook “Lamb in tonir” in compliance with all the rules are rather rare now, since it is not only a cooking method but a whole tradition, custom which not many people know. Cooking process takes place in tonir and it is roasted in a special crockery ware for this very ritual having age-old history. Under the lamb... read more