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Daily news

Two “Margaritas Frozen” by  Flagman
06 Jul

Two “Margaritas Frozen” by Flagman

The guests of Flagman café will find wonderful ambiance and good mood here as you will be offered a refreshing cocktail called “Margarita frozen”. In full compliance with the season two types of this popular cocktail have been added to the bar menu. The first type is the classical one consisting of tequila, Cointreau and lemon juice, and the second... read more
Multi-faceted Pad Thai
03 Jul

Multi-faceted Pad Thai

The new partner of YerevanResto Blackberry lounge-bar located in the heart of Yerevan offers enjoying one of the most famous Thai dishes called “Pad Thai” in July. This dish is considered somehow legendary and popular not only in such metropolises as New York, Moscow are but also among gourmets. The dish basis is rice noodles, nuts, eggs and palm... read more
Fish mix by Bel Etage
02 Jul
Bel Etage

Fish mix by Bel Etage

Changes have been made in Bel Etage restaurant! The menu of July has been updated with an appetizing and bright dish made of fish allsorts. However, it is not only a culinary offer, The thing is that the dish includes several kinds of this useful product. The ideal combination of dorade, branzino, soles, tuna, gambas and other kinds of fish creates... read more