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Daily news

Raspberry parfait in Tiziano
01 Oct
Tiziano (Northern Ave. 10/10)

Raspberry parfait in Tiziano

Tiziano offers you an amazingly delicious and bright dessert –raspberry parfait. It consists of black currant gelato and raspberry sauce with berries. October is not a reason for boredom and bad mood, but a necessary condition to cheer up with the help of this wonderful dessert. Join in! read more
A refreshing cocktail offered by Bravo
01 Oct
Bravo Restaurant

A refreshing cocktail offered by Bravo

Habitués and guests of Bravo Restaurant already know very well that the bar and wine menus of the restaurant are rich with popular drinks and the most delicious mixes. In hot sunny days it is a special pleasure to get refreshed with refreshing cocktails, and for that very reason the restaurant invites you tasting a new, refreshing, restorative summer... read more
Pistachio cake offered by Bel Etage
30 Sep
Bel Etage

Pistachio cake offered by Bel Etage

In September Bel Etage has prepared an amazing surprise for you. Sweet-teeth and not only they can enjoy a gorgeous dessert called Pistachio cake. Pistachio dessert is served here with raspberry sorbet owing to which enjoyment from this delicate dessert is doubled. This amazing dessert is made by a special recipe as a result of which harmony of tastes... read more

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