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Daily news

Boughlama by Kapela Restaurant
23 Apr
Kapela Restaurant

Boughlama by Kapela Restaurant

Kapela restaurant located on one of the smallest and coziest streets of Yerevan outstands exclusively with its national cuisine. People come here specially for the reason to taste old Armenian dishes. In April another novelty is offered to you: true Armenian boughlama. It is a delicious and nourishing dish and it is steamed and as a result all the gustatory... read more
Eggplants in the oven by Oliva
22 Apr

Eggplants in the oven by Oliva

Spring is a wonderful season, it means renewal, which brings refreshment and beauty into life and hearts of the society. With the incoming of spring the chef of Oliva restaurant has applied all his imagination and skills to create the new dish of April. It consists of eggplants cooked in the oven and special cheese. At the end this novelty is combined... read more
Tuna salad by Florence
21 Apr

Tuna salad by Florence

Florence restaurant located in picturesque Hrazdan Gorge offers you tasting tuna salad as its April novelty. By the unique method of the restaurant chef tuna is roasted up to medium level and is mixed with various ingredients among which capers, quail eggs and mix salad should be mentioned. At the end the dish is dressed with special sauce. We will... read more