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Daily news

Chicken thigh made in Spanish way offered by Casa de España
19 Dec
Casa de Espana

Chicken thigh made in Spanish way offered by Casa de España

Hospitable Spanish restaurant Casa de España offers tasting chicken thigh made in Spanish way. The dish consists of chicken thigh, raisin, white dry wine and potatoes. The splendid taste and flavor of the juicy, nourishing dish create truly an amazing gastronomic composition. Be sure it is worth not only looking at the dish but also personally tasting... read more
A sweet greeting by Faber Ge
19 Dec
Faber Ge

A sweet greeting by Faber Ge

The Pastry chef of Faber GE greets you with his exclusive cake having a marvelous flavor. “Orange cake” is created specially for lovers of chocolate. It is noteworthy that the biscuit consists of chocolate but not cacao. And the delicate cream is an ideal combination of orange juice and chocolate. The last element is the layer of jelly made of orange... read more

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