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Daily news

Roman saltimbocca by Espression Lavazza
30 Jan
Espression Lavazza

Roman saltimbocca by Espression Lavazza

Espression Lavazza Italian café located next to the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet presents a popular dish from Roman cuisine. The exclusive novelty called “Saltimbocca” has obtained recognition owing to its simplicity, uniqueness and flavor. The name of this dish is translated as “jump into mouth”. And really it is simply impossible... read more
Filet with pineapple by Ai Leoni
29 Jan
Ai Leoni

Filet with pineapple by Ai Leoni

Ai Leoni restaurant presents a new gastronomic offer for lovers of Italian cuisine. From now on you can taste Filetto all’ Ananas dish popular with Italians in the restaurant. It consists of combination of beef filet with pineapple sauce. No words are proper to be used when a dish becomes the result of delicate handiwork. Come and find it out yourself... read more
Magic desserts by Cross restaurant
28 Jan
Cross cafe restaurant

Magic desserts by Cross restaurant

Besides the rich menus representing various dishes and wines the menu of Cross cafe-restaurant outstands also with its famous desserts. Unique sweets which amaze with their appetizing looks and ideal flavors are offered here: strawberry cheesecake made of mascarpone, Saint Ann, tiramisu and brownie, as well as banana-caramel cake having no equals.... read more

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