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Gold restaurant

Daily news

Sea theme in The Club
27 Nov
The Club

Sea theme in The Club

The menu of The Club restaurant in Yerevan has always stood out with its boundless variety. But the novelty of this month astonishes with its attractiveness. As soon as you open the restaurant menu stop your choice on a unique dish called "Sea variation". As the dish name states it promises to be courageous and rich with extraordinary sea combinations... read more
Astoria by VINOandVINO
26 Nov

Astoria by VINOandVINO

VINO&VINO wine store of the rarest wines in Yerevan offers true connoisseurs and experts of wines to taste "Astoria" wine among the rich assortment of the fabulous drink. The enterprise owners Paolo and Georgio Palegatos founded it in 1987. For that the basis was the quality being the pride till today. Really the product "Astoria" is presented... read more
Tzhvzhik by HighRest
25 Nov

Tzhvzhik by HighRest

HighRest restaurant is famous for its national style and manner not only for cooking but also service of dishes. The bright example of that is the novelty of November “Tzhvzhik” made of beef liver. Despite the preserved traditions and the classic recipe it is served in a special format in the preliminarily cooked pepper barbeque. The authentic Armenian... read more