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Daily news

July in Ai Leoni
30 Jul
Ai Leoni

July in Ai Leoni

In July lovers of ingenious cuisine have the opportunity of appreciating the signature interpretation of a new dish, as well as completely new culinary ideas in Ai Leoni restaurant. Marinated meat with honey and balsamic is an extraordinary combination of ingredients which you will remember for quite a long time. Flavored meat with toasts is presented... read more
Hot offers by Patio
30 Jul

Hot offers by Patio

The sun is scorching in July in Yerevan and it is getting hot in Patio restaurant from the offered prices. The favorite dishes have become more affordable. Within the scope of the summer season new and well-known offers at affordable prices are presented here. Besides that, a pleasant surprise is prepared for you here: an absolutely new interpretation... read more
Blendissimo by  Espression Lavazza
29 Jul
Espression Lavazza

Blendissimo by Espression Lavazza

In joy of visitors of Espression Lavazza café which enjoys special popularity in Zvartnots airport the cocktail menu has been updated with an extraordinary novelty. “Blendissimo” cocktail is a guaranteed means to perk up one’s mood. It consists of espresso, vanilla ice-cream, cream and ice. We assure you that this cocktail will pleasantly surprise... read more