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Daily news

Barbeque season in Rena
23 Oct

Barbeque season in Rena

Everyone is invited to Rena restaurant complex where you can worthily appreciate mastery of cooks cooking aromatic, smoked barbeque immediately in the fresh air. The restaurant has been famous for its superb barbeque, especially for the assortment of traditional Armenian barbeque for a long time. Those who are able to appreciate merits of the barbeque... read more
Shrimps in garlic sauce offered by Casa de España
23 Oct
Casa de Espana

Shrimps in garlic sauce offered by Casa de España

Casa de España offers a new dish with a rich flavor. These are appetizing shrimps in garlic sauce. This dish consists of tiger shrimps which are combined with white wine, garlic and greens. At the end various spices are added which impart a superb flavor. Do not miss this culinary event! Bon appétit! read more
Autumn mood in  SMAK
22 Oct
Smak Salad

Autumn mood in SMAK

It is autumn outside and autumn mood reigns everywhere. Autumn has come to SMAK as well by offering a new unique salad called “Autumn”. It consists of baked aubergine and pepper. This duet is combined with walnuts. A little bit oregano mixed with vinegar, olive oil and sugar imparts an exquisite taste to the dish. And the last note is the various... read more

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