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Daily news

The brand history
29 May
Parma Supermarket

The brand history

The roots of Tullamore Dew – legendary Irish whisky – trace back to 1829 when in Tullamore town in County Offaly Michael Molloy founded the first factory distillery. In 1887 when Molloy died, the distillery passed into the hands of the Daly family, with Captain Bernard Daly in charge of the business. Talented sportsman Daly passed the business... read more
May evenings in Retro Music Club
28 May
Retro Music Club

May evenings in Retro Music Club

The spring is in full swing in Yerevan. Spring inspiration has wrapped Retro Music Club which happily invites having bright, warm and spring days accompanied by wonderful music within its hospitable walls. Spring is an amazing season: it is renewal bringing freshness and beauty into the lives and hearts of the society. The club chef has applied his... read more
Tune positively in Sorriso cafe gelateria
27 May
Sorriso cafe gelateria

Tune positively in Sorriso cafe gelateria

Sorriso cafe gelateria bar-gelateria located on Northern avenue offers not only high-quality, delicate ice-cream, but also teas, cocktails, desserts, high-quality Italian cuisine. Now it promises to conquer with taste of wonderful and matchless drink- renewed coffee. For the first time in Yerevan, more correctly in Sorriso cafe gelateria a variety of... read more